As Shay Mitchell’s due date approaches, she’s sharing more pregnancy details, including what she’s dreading the most — the possibility of getting a C-section. The 32-year-old was told by a doctor that may be the outcome if the baby is still breech when it’s time for her to come out, as seen in Shay’s latest YouTube video posted on Wednesday, October 2.

“I can’t even talk about this,” she told her boyfriend/baby daddy, Matte Babel, while fighting back tears. “It’s actually gonna make me upset. Even if it doesn’t happen today, I don’t want to have to do that.”

Evidently, her beau, 38, tried to comfort her. “I know, but they’re gonna spin her today,” he told the mom-to-be while driving her to her ECV procedure. “Placenta’s out of the way, you have lots of fluid and the baby’s sitting high. There’s no question she’s gonna turn today.” Shay explained that besides the actual C-section, she fears the recovery time. “Like if I’m in bed, I’m going to go nuts,” she told Matte.

By the time they arrived at the hospital for the procedure, which consists of physically turning the baby, Shay got an ultrasound and learned that her little one was no longer breach. What a relief!

That wasn’t the first time the brunette beauty expressed her concerns over the delivery process. The actress, who has been documenting her pregnancy journey through a series of YouTube videos, previously admitted she wants an epidural during the birth process. Matte wasn’t too crazy about the idea.

Shay Mitchell's Baby Bump
Courtesy of Shay Mitchell/Instagram