A collaboration of epic proportions! WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio and Victoria Beer have officially teamed up with designer Dan Life for a major merch collaboration.

Dan Life — otherwise known as Daniel Jacob — created a red and yellow jewel-encrusted mask inspired by the Luchador mask worn by Rey Mysterio at the WWE Royal Rumble earlier this year, which was cobranded and designed by Victoria Beer and WWE. The artist then made the special bedazzled versions, which fans from Colorado and Illinois have the ability to win by entering the sweepstakes. This gives the wrestler’s loyal fans an opportunity to engage in the ongoing partnership. 

The merch collab, which is worth $32,000, includes two life-size Rey Mysterio masks worth $10,000 each and 12 pendant versions of the mask worth $1,000 each. 

Designer Dan Life has made a major name for himself through his handmade creations that bring together his own nostalgic upbringing connected with his followers and their childhoods. Considered a wearable piece of art, his Rey Mysterio masks are handmade with approximately 10,000 handset crystals on each. As for the pendants, they’re also handmade with approximately 1,100 crystals each. From start to finish, including the design process and gold plating, each necklace took about twelve hours per piece to complete. The masks took about two weeks to create. 

“My life’s work and goal is to create for everyone and to remind us to honor a simpler time,” Dan Life said in a statement. “What better way than to connect and take that journey together with the Victoria and WWE communities.”

Victoria Beer and Rey Mysterio kicked off their ongoing partnership earlier this year. Along with the merch collaboration, they’ve also teamed up to launch an augmented reality filter for social media which features the red and yellow mask.

“Our Rey Mysterio mask AR filter and ultimate sweepstakes provide Victoria and WWE fans a fully integrated, ring-side themed experience, and the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind Dan Life piece,” Senior Director Brand Marketing of Victoria Beer, Alex Schultz, said in a statement. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to further amplify our WWE partnership and embrace the Mexican Lucha Libre culture linking up the unique styles of Dan Life and Rey Mysterio.”

The collaboration and contest announcement comes nearly a month before WWE’s 2021 SummerSlam on August 21, in which Victoria Beer is the event’s official beer. Aside from the masks and pendants, fans from Colorado and Illinois also have the ability to win a virtual meet and greet with Rey Mysterio along with other prizes.