Warning: Spoilers ahead. Season 2 of Showtime’s fan-favorite series Yellowjackets is on the way, and hopefully, viewers will get some answers.

“Oh, I’ll tell you this much, it is so much crazier than I thought it was going to get,” actress Samantha Hanratty — who plays the younger version of Christina Ricci‘s Misty on the show — told Us Weekly in September 2022. “We’re starting with such a bang this season. I thought we left off on such a high note of like crazy and we’re starting off on just as high of a note and it’s beyond exciting.”

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How Did ‘Yellowjackets’ Season 1 End?

Yellowjackets follows the story of teenagers who survived a plane crash and how it impacted their lives as adults. Following some major plot twists, there was a major character death — Ella Purnell‘s Jackie — during the final episode. While she may be dead, creator Ashley Lyle told Insider in January 2022 that her spirit will live on.

“I guess what we can say is that Jackie, not only as a person, but as a figure and a symbol, looms large for all of these women, particularly Shauna, and I don’t think that that’s going to change moving forward. In fact, it’s going to deepen,” the showrunner teased. “I think that this isn’t necessarily the last that we’ve seen of Jackie, I’ll put it that way.”

'Yellowjackets' Season 2 Is Coming! Everything to Know: Premiere Date, Spoilers and More

Which ‘Yellowjackets’ Stars Are Returning for Season 2?

Samantha and Christina will be reprising their roles as teen and adult Misty, respectively. Juliette Lewis and Sophie Thatcher will be teen and adult Natalie, while Melanie Lynskey and Sophie Nélisse will return as teen and adult Shauna and Tawny Cypress and Jasmin Savoy Brown are coming back as teen and adult Taissa. Courtney Eaton and Liv Hewson were upped to a series regular roles as teen Lottie and Vanessa, respectively.

New ‘Yellowjackets’ Cast Members

Lauren Ambrose will play adult Vanessa while Simone Kessell will play adult Lottie. Actor Elijah Wood was announced as a new cast member, named Walter, in August 2022. Months later, in January 2023, a slew of new cast members were announced. Nicole Maines is set to play the role of Lisa, while François Arnaud will appear as Paul and Nia Sondaya will portray a young Akilah.

When Does ‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2 Premiere?

The show officially started production on season 2 in August 2022. Months later, in December 2022, Showtime announced the second season release date.

Yellowjackets will return on March 24, 2023 for streaming and on demand subscribers. Two days later, on March 26, 2023, the show will air live.

What to Expect From ‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2?

“I’m just excited for older Lottie,” Jasmin told IndieWire in September 2022 of her new cast member. “Simone in the table reads, she has been, literally jaw on the floor, incredible. Just from the table reads! I’m just so excited to see what happens.”

Christina, for her part, told Entertainment Tonight in November 2022 that she couldn’t “get too much into detail” but she did say that “the first couple scripts had the entire cast gasping.” The Wednesday star added, “So it’s even wilder. More crazy, more shocking, and really compelling and fun.”