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Summer will be here before you know it, and given the pandemic has kept us indoors for so long, it’s sure to be a beach party the likes of which we have never before seen. Prepare to look your absolute best while lounging under a palm tree, snuggling up at a beach bonfire, or catching some gnarly waves by following these treatment recommendations from the nation’s leading aesthetic experts! Here are seven to try before summer hits!

Hair Transplant
“Nothing screams summer like thick, full beach hair!” sayss dermatologist Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson. “Male patients who are suffering from thinning hair as well as female patients who want to lower their hair lines both benefit from hair transplantation via NeoGraft. This technology makes having the summer hair of your dreams a reality, but if you want a luxuriously thick head of hair in six months then you need to start right now!”

Lip Augmentation
“Whether your goal is to subtly replace age-related volume loss and build a more balanced profile or obtain decadently hydrated lips with an Instagram-perfect pout, if you want luscious lips, now is the time to get lip augmentation,” aesthetic nurse Jessica Graybill advises. “My advice is to select an experienced injector, pick the right Juvederm product, and to remember that starting earlier will ensure you reach your aesthetic goal and heal completely prior to that outrageous summer vacation you have been planning.”

Cellulite Treatment
“I’m unbelievably excited about Qwo,” says aesthetic authority Meg Driscoll. “It is an injectable medication clinically proven to diminish the signs of cellulite on the buttocks. This new injection is going to be available at aesthetic clinics just in time to let those buns run free this summer!”

Laser Facials
“Don’t wait to get that summer glow and never get a real summer tan!” says aesthetic nurse practitioner Dr. Morgan Wolf. “The best way to have toned, glowing skin is with a Fire & Ice Laser Facial. With minimal discomfort and very little downtime, it’s a great way to maintain collagen, improve your overall skin fitness and help the skincare products you use penetrate deeper. It’s my go-to recommendation for everyone looking for a fresh face this summer!”

Body Contouring
“The ‘Covid 19’ (a.k.a. the 19 pounds many of us gained during the pandemic – don’t fret) can be removed with health dietary choices, a comprehensive exercise routine, lifestyle modification, and with energy-based body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting,” says aesthetic nurse Chelsea Nathie.

Wrinkle Fighters
“It’s my contention that the best treatment to get before summer arrives is Botox Cosmetic and Xeomin!” anesthetic nurse Megan Martinez says. “So many people have been frowning on Zoom that they’ve forgotten what a stress-free brow looks like. So get in soon for a few tiny, preventative neuromodulator injections to make sure the ’11s’, forehead furrows and crow’s feet disappear before the summer sun shows up. After all, no one should look grumpy at the beach!”

Laser Hair Removal
“You already know that laser hair removal can be implemented on any part of the body,” aesthetic nurse Corey Ordoyne reminds us. “But it’s important to also recognize that it takes six to eight treatments spaced four to six weeks to get permanent hair reduction. Start right now with the Cynosure Elite iQ, so that on the hottest day of summer you can hit your backyard slip n’ slide in your smallest pair of homemade cootie-cutter jean shorts – with zero worries about body hair!”