She’s ready to tell her story! Former Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller hasn’t had it easy over the last year or so. Last years, she was jailed for fraud and she spent eight months in prison before she was transferred to a halfway house. But during that time while she should have been busy celebrating her freedom, she was also facing a health scare that would eventually lead to her current battle with cancer. But even though Abby is still in the hospital fighting cancer, she seemed to tease that she’s working on a book that will tell her story from her prison experience to her hospitalization.

Abby took to Instagram on Friday, June 8 to share a photo to celebrate national best friends day and she dropped a hint in the caption. “I have wonderful BFFs all around the world, I want them to know how much they are truly loved [and] cherished! Thanks to the lovely ladies in this picture for giving up their weekends [and] driving out to the desert month after month to keep my spirit alive!” the 51-year-old wrote, according to Radar. “Without their updates about the real world I’m not sure I would’ve survived! Someday, when I tell my prison story – you will all learn what happened to me when this photo was first posted on IG!”

According to Radar, Abby has been working with a ghostwriter to write her autobiography and she has been in contact with them ever since she was behind bars at the FCI Victorville facility.

Fans might also get some insight into Abby’s early struggle with what later would turn out to be Burkitt lymphoma. Abby started to feel symptoms while she was incarcerated at FCI, but she felt the staff at the prison didn’t take her complaints seriously and it could have cost her her life.

“She complained for months in prison about the pain,” a source told Radar. “The staff and teams there wouldn’t allow her medical treatment. The insider went on to explain how the prison staff thought she was being a ‘diva’ and just wanted to ‘get out of prison.'”