Informal wedding for the win. ACE Family stars Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom posted a brand new video to their YouTube channel called “WE GOT MARRIED … (THE TRUTH)” on January 18 — and the couple explained they got married two years ago under very casual circumstances. In fact, the couple revealed that their parents weren’t even at their original nuptials.

“The one thing I do want to say is, we never said we weren’t married, we just didn’t say that we were,” the 29-year-old mom said to start things off before explaining, “I just want to say our parents were not there, our family was not there. It was really just us, like a personal, private experience. We did it in our backyard, I did it with flip flops and a T-shirt.”

Her husband, 27, chimed in with, “I think I was in flip flops, too,” to which Catherine replied, “We were wearing the same flip flops!” Too cute. “It was a special moment for us at that time, for many reasons,” Austin continued. “And we didn’t feel the need to have to go to Vegas or have a wedding that day because the way we do things, the way I like to do things is very big and we weren’t necessarily ready to have a massive wedding.”

That being said, there is a big ceremony coming for the happily married couple. “That’s what we’re looking forward to is the ceremony,” Catherine said. “Scratch the actual marriage, I’m looking to have that special day. I’m looking to have pictures to look back on and give to our grandkids and their kids and their kids.”

Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz
Courtesy of Austin McBroom/Instagram

The couple even decided to prove that they’ve been married for a little while by showing off a photo from the day they tied the knot — and needless it say, it’s a pretty adorable moment. The couple could be seen standing by the pool, holding hands as the sun set. Both of them were in shorts and T-shirts, which, honestly, looked like a pretty cute move all things considered.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what happens when these two finally have that big blowout bash they want to throw!