Sending a message … ? Alabama Barker seemingly called out her mom, Shanna Moakler, by lip-synching Kehlani‘s “The Letter” on TikTok. “And every girl needs a mother/ And damn it, I needed you/ Instead you dug for cover/ And you ran from the truth/ And like kids do/ You waited around for proof,” the lyrics read.

It didn’t take long for Alabama’s followers to start speculating that she was throwing shade at Shanna, 46. “Be thankful for your amazing father,” one fan wrote, referring to Travis Barker. “It’s your mom’s loss. She chooses [bullsh–t] over her kids on repeat. You’re better off, stay strong, girl.”


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“TBH, I remember your mom not really emotionally being there. I hope she can change before it’s too late,” a second person chimed in, while a third added, “I grew up with an absent mom. Therapy helped me understand why she was the way she was.”

Additionally, a lot of people began to suggest that Alabama, 15, focuses on her relationship with Travis’ girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian. “Kourtney can be your new mom,” one user commented. “Just talk to Kourtney,” another echoed.

As it happens, the social media influencer does spend plenty of time with the founder, 42. “Alabama loves Kourtney,” a source previously told In Touch. “She follows her on social media and loves her style.”

As for Shanna, the former reality TV star understands why Alabama and her other kids, Landon Barker and Atiana De La Hoya, spend more time with Travis, 45, and Kourtney. “How come your kids are always at their dad’s [and] rarely with you?” a fan asked Shanna during an Instagram Q&A in April.

“Because he lives behind two gates, has a mega mansion and is cooler than me … LOL,” the Wedding Singer alum replied. “We have shared custody, but our kids are older. We are very close.”

A month prior, Shanna opened up about her coparenting relationship with the Blink-182 drummer. “The one thing that we do agree on, even though we didn’t work out romantically, is putting our kids first — and that’s one thing that we’ve always agreed on,” she explained during a February interview on the “Let’s Get Raw with Rori” podcast.

“We do what’s best for our kids. You know, we have shared custody, but we don’t even really go by an agreement anymore,” Shanna added. “You know, we just kind of work together.”