The American Idol 2018 reboot premiered last month, and now that the competition has been narrowed down to the Top 24, things are starting to get intense! After the ABC reality competition show completed its audition rounds and transitioned to the Hollywood weeks where singers battled it out one-on-one until one final singer remained, and now fans know who made it to the Top 24 and who didn't make the cut. Keep scrolling to find out who made it to the Top 24 on American Idol 2018!

In traditional Idol fashion, the semi-finalists are divided between 12 males and 12 females. If the show decides to stick with the format of previous seasons, the judges will eliminate five women and five men from the Top 24. The Top 14 will then be cut to a Top 10.

Top 24

Alyssa Raghunandan – @AlyssaRaghu

Amelia Harris – @TheAmeliaHarris

Catie Turner – @cmt10234

Effie Passero – @EffiePassero

Gabby Barrett – @GabbyBarrett_

Jurnee Siani – @JurneeMusic

Kay Kay Alexis

Layla Spring – @laylaspringg

Maddie Poppe – @MaddiePoppe

Mara Justine – @MaraJustine1

Michelle Sussett – @MichelleSussett

Shannon O’Hara – @shannonvohara

Adam Sanders (Ada Vox) – @QueenAdaVox

Brandon Diaz – @BrandonDMusic

Cade Foehner

Caleb Hutchinson – @caleblee03

Dennis Lorenzo – @shake_dennis

Garrett Jacobs – @garrett_jacobs

Jonny Brenns – @jonnybrenns

Michael J. Woodard – @MichaelJWoodard

Ron Bultongez – @RonBultongez

Marcio Donaldson – @MarcioDonaldson

Trevor McBane – @TrevorMcBane

Dominique Posey

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@adavox is OWNING it. #AmericanIdol

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Former Idol contestant Adam Sanders returned as drag queen Ada Vox and so far, they've already made it farther than they did during their first time competing.

"I auditioned for American Idol back in Season 12 but I wasn't ready," the San Antonio native said in the confessional. "I started getting messages on social media telling me that I shouldn't be who I am. But through all of the negativity, I have built myself up in ways I could not have imagined. Since then I've gone through an evolution. I'm now a part-time woman. And I've grown so much as an entertainer, as a performer, as a singer because of the show and the experiences it's allowed me." We can't wait to watch the performances!