Amy Schumer has broken her silence after “bullying” Nicole Kidman in a since-deleted Instagram post. The comedian ​received ​backlash from fans over her ​seemingly “careless” comments about the Big Little Lies Actress after she mocked her posture while watching the U.S. Open on September 9.

“Okay so the joke I was making was the way she was posed didn’t seem like how a human sits. I was not making fun of how she looks. Nicole Kidman is beautiful and one of the most incredible actors of all time,” Amy, 42, wrote via Instagram on Friday, September 15.

After she clarified the intent of her previous comments, the Trainwreck actress urged fans to “take a deep breath” – seemingly saying the public overexaggerated her words.

“You guys good? To all the people who commented on me. I’m so sorry I’m not prettier. Please forgive me. I apologize. It wasn’t even a slow news day,” she continued in her caption. “North Korea and Russia are getting too close for comfort. There are deadly storms sweeping our world and a man was convicted of rape. But what got your goat was me saying that Nicole Kidmans pose was not human like. Breathe y’all. To the people who write hateful things below I forgive you as a mother, a woman and most importantly as someone who also likes hot goss. Have a good weekend.”

Amy Schumer Breaks Her Silence Over Nicole Kidman Diss
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Unlike her other posts, fans gathered in the comments section agreeing with her, while admitting that they understood the root of her joke and knew she wasn’t trying to slam Nicole, 56.

“Beyond mental that this even needs to be addressed,” one person wrote, while a second person chimed in, “I thought it was clear that you were just teasing about the pose.”

A third person had a different point of view, writing, “Too little, too late. You can’t pull the ‘as a mother, as a woman’ card now… This isn’t an apology. I don’t know why people can’t simply say ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong and I shouldn’t have done that’. As a mother you should be teaching your son how to apologize, but how can you teach that if you cannot demonstrate this yourself?”

Four days prior, Amy issued her first apology to the Nine Perfect Strangers star and fans for “a to her being an alien.” She has since deleted the statement from her social media account.

After Amy deleted her first two initial posts regarding Nicole, fans swarmed the comments section of her Instagram post congratulating tennis star Coco Gauff for winning the women’s U.S. Open, continuing to shame the Snatched star.

“Lift one woman up just to tear another down … bully masking as a comedian,” an online user wrote.

A second person added, “Most humans sit like that focusing on the tennis… you should look at your own reflection in the mirror and stop being jealous of women who are actually beautiful.”