Gotta get that sweat on! Kylie Jenner‘s BFF Anastasia Karanikolaou took to her Instagram Stories to show off  how she maintains her awesome butt and seriously toned abs and waist during a sunny and beautiful rooftop workout. If you have to bust your bum, you might as well do it in the sun.

The 21-year-old Instagram influencer showed off her squatting abilities in a video where she used a medicine ball for extra weight as she dipped low during the compound exercise. She even tagged her trainer (@chasenfitness) to shout him out for the day’s regimen.

Anastasia Karanikolaou Squatting

Post-workout, the model shared a sexy mirror selfie that showed off her impossibly toned waist and crazy abs. Talk about summer gym inspo, y’all. Looks like we’ve got a new goal!

Stassie is known for flaunting her crazy curves on the reg — and summertime is definitely no exception, whether its a bikini shoot or a trip to the gym. Back in early June, the part-time YouTuber put up a bikini try-on haul video and her followers totally ate it up. So did we, obv.

Anastasia Karanikolaou Taking a Mirror Selfie

In the weeks before that, she was spotted showing off a super sexy lingerie look on the ‘gram, as well as her fair share of bikini pics just for fun. Hey, isn’t that what the influencer life is all about?

Aside from the fact that they’ve known each other for years, it’s easy to see why Kylie and Stassie get along so well. Two hot babes coming together to become the queens of all hot and famous babes? Totally something those two would do together.

The perfect pair do their fair share of posting the hottest pics known to man — and since Kylie’s fallout with former BFF Jordyn Woods, they’ve been taking a lot together as a duo. In fact, during their recent trip to Turks and Caicos for Kylie Skin, their IG snaps were off the chain.

It’s good to have a hot best friend, huh?