Baring it all! Anna Faris went nude for a 2023 Super Bowl commercial to support Avocados From Mexico, and it was “liberating” for the actress to get naked in front of the camera.

“When I realized that the wardrobe in my trailer was a tiny little thong and these jelly-like bra things — I guess they’re just nipple covers — I thought to myself, all right, this is what my beautiful day is going to look like,” the What’s Your Number? star, 46, told People about the advertisement. “I felt really proud that I’m kind of at this place in life where I could spend a lot of time feeling modest and insecure, or I just embrace it.”

Anna Faris Poses Naked in Avocado Ad for 2023 Super Bowl: 'It Felt Liberating'
Avocados From Mexico/ YouTube

In the short ad, Anna has transformed into Eve in the Garden of Eden. However, instead of the forbidden fruit, she’s discovering avocados. “Grab your guac and chips for the Big Game. Anna Faris is about to make the whole world — better,” the commercial’s official description on YouTube reads.

The former Mom star stunned in the ad, with long blonde extensions covering her chest as she cracked open an avocado. When going naked, Anna told People that she was able to “find security in the massive amount of hair” added to her already blonde locks. While the actress joked that she “could be a part of a nudist colony if I take all the hair with me,” Anna explained that the entire experience was “unbelievably thrilling.”

Her partnership with the brand was such a secret that even the Washington native’s parents had no idea what she was filming.

“My parents think that I’m writing a horror movie, which I’m not,” the Unqualified author shared. “This is how little they know about the industry. I told them that I needed to location scout in Mexico City. So I needed to be gone for a few days, and they bought it. It was fun. It’s like, ‘Yeah, can you take care of the kids? I got to go location scout for the horror movie that I’m not writing.'”

While fans didn’t actually see anything during the commercial, Anna has been candid about her past breast augmentation from 2008. In fact, the “Unqualified” podcast host “never” thought she’d undergo the knife, but now has no regrets.

“I was always a negative-A cup, so when I was 30, I was getting a divorce [from first husband Ben Indra], I had just finished House Bunny and I’d sold another movie. All of these new things were happening to me, so I got my breasts done,” she told Women’s Health in April 2018. “It was f—king awesome.”