We see you guys! Kendall Jenner and rapper ASAP Rocky sparked romance rumors back in 2017 for their many flirty appearances together, and those rumors were reawakened on October 4 when they got extra cozy in the Calvin Klein 50th anniversary video!

Hailey Baldwin was actually the first to share the video on her page, as it also features hubby Justin Bieber. In the fun ad, we follow three couples, also including Troye Sivan and Liu Wen, through the decades, as Hailey and Justin cuddle on the couch watching a rocket ship take off. The newlyweds actually have a ton of cute moments in the clip, however, it’s ASAP and Kenny that steal the show.

The duo can be seen getting snuggly in the car and a dance hall during the ’70s disco era, and then again later as a Kendall watches ASAP workout while lounging around in a bra and panty set. There was no actual PDA in the clip, but that didn’t stop fans from speculating.

“F–KING KENDALL JENNER AND ASAP ROCKY ARE IN A SAME CALVIN KLEIN CAMPAIGN AND THEY HAVE A SCENE TOGETHER, YALL DONT KNOW HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW😭😭😭😭😭😭,” said one very enthusiastic fan on Twitter. “ASAP and Kendall would make the HOTTEST couple,” screamed another while a third wrote, “waiting for the day that Kendall will date ASAP.”

Though the duo never confirmed rumors, it did very much seem like they’ve dated in the past. In 2017 they posed for several steamy snaps together at the Met Gala, many which showed ASAP’s hands around Kendall’s waist and Kendall wedged between his legs at the dinner table. They had been spotted on several dates before, but many fans considered the relationship confirmed when Kim Kardashian posted a Snapchat that showed Kylie Jenner kneeling down taking a photo of Kendall and ASAP, who appeared to be kissing while the rapper grabbed on to the supermodel’s booty.

Despite fans’ excitement, the hot couple seemed to cool off not long afterward. However, even before the CK video, many fans thought they may be heating up again in 2019. A fan video of one of Kanye West‘s Sunday Services on August 4 showed a flirty exchange between Kendall and ASAP, in which he says something while smiling at the model and she giggles. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see where they stand, but one thing’s for sure: we still ship it.