Despite the fact that ABC’s hit new dating show, The Proposal, rounded out its first season on Aug. 27, fans still can’t help but wonder where the 10 reality TV couples are today! After all, what’s more intriguing than watching two people get engaged after only an hour of knowing one another?  

That said, if you’re looking for mostly happily endings, you’ve come to the wrong place. Sadly, many of the couples ended up calling it quits. Sigh. True love really is dead, huh? Keep scrolling to find out where your favorite Proposal couples are now.

Mike and Monica: Not together

Say it ain’t so! Mike Crowe and Monica Villalobos were the first couple on The Proposal and it became clear within minutes that they were meant to be… or so we thought! Despite getting engaged by the end of their episode, Mike and Monica recently went their separate ways. According to People, Monica ended things while the pair was vacationing in Costa Rica for Mike’s 30th birthday. Ouch!

Ashlee and Jordan: Not together

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While Ashlee Hewitt and Jordan tried to make things work following their appearance on The Proposal, they sadly called it quits. Only July 6, Ashlee took to Instagram to explain the emotional situation to fans and she cited that distance was the reason they split. “I am thankful for this experience and thankful for meeting Jordan,” she concluded the message.

Stephen and Sophia: Not together but still good friends


You’d think with names like Sophia and Stephen, these two would be destined to make it. Unfortunately, that’s not how things played out. That said, just because they didn’t end up together romantically, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a happy ending! In fact, both Proposal contestants took to the show’s official Twitter on July 3 to share their thoughts about their experience and Sophia’s was especially sweet.

“Stephen is one of the most genuine, loving guys I have ever met and I really don’t have a bad thing to say about him,” she began. “Unfortunately, I was graduating [college] and moving back to New York, and we kind of just realized [that] we were better off as friends. We are no longer together,” Sophia continued. Sounds like a case of the right person at the wrong time, if you ask us!

However, the NY native continued that she and Stephen “talk all the time” and that “hopefully, he’s coming to visit” her. Good for them! Who knows? Maybe these two will rekindle their love connection at a later date.

LisaRaye and Anthony: Ended engagement on good terms


Despite the fact that Adonis Gonzales was a sexy fireman who loved to dance, LisaRaye took the plunge with sweet, quiet Anthony Bryant. By the end of Episode 4, he was down on one knee and LisaRaye was saying yes! Unfortunately, the beautiful couple is not still together today.

Taking to Instagram on Aug. 16, the brunette beauty revealed that she and Anthony called it quits and ended their engagement. “We have both come to a mutual understanding that we are not compatible enough to continue in pursuing a relationship with each other,” she wrote. “I do not regret anytime put into this journey because I was immensely receptive in trying a different approach and outlook on finding love.” 

The Players Club actress continued: “I wish Anthony B nothing but the best and even though a marriage is not happening I did acquire a new friend.”

Buck and Nicole: Still together

Ironically enough, Nicole was the first gal to be introduced on Dr. Parker’s episode of The Proposal — fans should have known right then and there that she was going to be the winning lady! After a pretty intense third round, the NYC model beat out Stacie and Katie for the doctor’s heart and the rest was history.

Dr. Parker, who is affectionately known as Buck, got down on one knee, slipped Nicole a gorgeous engagement ring, and they shared some passionate kisses. The show’s official Instagram account happily reported that the couple is still going strong today.

Latoya and Tyler: Still together and getting to know each other

After some serious deliberation, Latoya Blakely, a gorgeous lawyer from Dallas found her dream man! Latoya’s episode was particularly emotional, as she experienced severe heartbreak after losing her partner in a car accident. 

That said, it became increasingly clear throughout the episode that she was ready for love again and that’s where Tyler comes in. Even with stiff competition like Ken, Garland, and Michael — Tyler stood out above the rest. 

We’re happy to report, per The Proposal’s official Instagram account, that the pair is still together today. Even more adorable, they took a little trip to Cape Cod — just like Tyler “proposed.”

Winston and Abby: Not together but parted amicably 


Another one bites the dust! Despite the fact that Winston Showan and Abby Sullivan looked picture perfect together, the two have sadly gone their separate ways. Maybe it had something to do with a lack of chemistry. After all, their first kiss on the show was pretty darn awkward. So much so, that the general fan reaction was that Winston was swallowing Abby’s face. Yikes. 

That said, the pair did travel to Abby’s hometown of Las Vegas together following their departure from The Proposal. However, the show’s official Twitter account announced that while Abby and Winston “enjoyed each other’s company and had a great experience,” that they decided to “part ways amicably.” 

Celine and Tommy: Still together 

It’s another winning connection, y’all! The Proposal’s official Twitter account was thrilled to report that Dr. Celine Thum and Tommy Taylor Jr. are still going strong. “[They] are having an amazing time getting to know each other and are still dating,” the show wrote on Aug. 14. 

Considering how palpable the pair’s chemistry was on Episode 8, we’re not exactly surprised and as it turns out, fans aren’t either. “I think this is my favorite couple yet!!!” one user commented. “Glad to hear this! I wish you both so much joy and happiness in your future,” wrote another.  

Michael and Ashley: Not together 

Michael and Ashley had some serious chemistry but unfortunately, not enough to stay together! Despite enjoying their time together, the couple decided to part ways just a few weeks after their episode aired. 

Amber and Johnny: Not together 

Sadly, Amber and Johnny weren’t able to go the distance. After being unable to make things work long distance, the pair called off their engagement. However, they remain friends. 

Here’s hoping that Season 2 of The Proposal will be just as entertaining. Except, er, maybe with a few more couples that actually make it down the aisle!