Her biggest supporters! Fans met ​Bachelorette star Charity Lawson’s family during her time on Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor and ​instantly adored the bond they have. Some of Charity’s family members have since returned in front of the cameras in support of the TV personality’s journey for love and we have a feeling we will be seeing more of them! To learn more about Charity’s parents and siblings, keep reading.

Who Are ‘Bachelorette’ Charity Lawson’s Parents?

David and Vickie Lawson welcomed Charity on December 30, 1995. She is the youngest of four siblings.

The pair were welcoming to Zach when Charity introduced him to her family and friends during her hometown date and they were committed to making sure their daughter was in love and keeping a good head on her shoulders.

During a one-on-one talk with her dad, the Auburn University alumna got emotional when sharing that he and her mother were her “role models.”

'Bachelorette' Charity Lawson Family Guide: Parents, Siblings
ABC/Craig Sjodin

“You guys have been my hope of what I envision and what I want,” Charity told her father, before he admitted that “taking care of each other” is the most important factor in a successful relationship.

Who Are ‘Bachelorette’ Charity Lawson’s Siblings?

The child and family therapist has three older siblings, brothers David ​Lawson Jr. and Nehemiah Lawson and sister ​Amiyaka Lawson.

Charity’s brothers are very protective over their little sis, so much so that Nehemiah dressed up in disguise as a fake bartender to spy on Charity’s contestants during the season 20 premiere of The Bachelorette.

When he exited the limo, Charity burst into excitement and gushed over her “best brother” and “best friend.”

Although the reality star was under the impression her brother was there for support, she soon came to find out he actually went undercover before he privately gave her the inside scoop about the men.

“My sister looks absolutely beautiful as the Bachelorette, she’s going to do amazing,” Nehemiah gushed during the episode. “But there are a lot of guys here, she’s not going to be able to hear or see everything … Reality is, there is always a bad apple or two. So, I’m going to be a bartender tonight and my job is to make sure I can kind of spot that out without being a little too obvious.”

What Has Bachelor Nation Said About Charity Lawson’s Family?

Host Jesse Palmer exclusively told Life & Style that Charity was “extremely happy” after filming her season and couldn’t help but also swoon over her family tree.

“One thing I’ve always said when I think about Charity is she just personifies class, just intelligent, obviously beautiful,” he told Life & Style at the time. “She’s a woman who knows what she wants. She has an incredible family and I think you’ll see a lot more of that during her season as well.”