Kelsey Anderson spilled the tea about her conversation with Daisy Kent as they traveled to the final rose ceremony on The Bachelor. For the first time in the show’s history, the final two contestants rode together to meet their leading man before one of them got engaged and the other was left heartbroken.

“We just were really embracing each other and just telling each other how amazing each other were,” Kelsey, 25, told Us Weekly in an interview published on Wednesday, March 27. “And she just really wanted Joey [Graziadei] and I to be happy and she was like, ‘Don’t worry about me.’ She knows how I am and I was going to be thinking about her, just like how she would be in that situation as well. But she’s like, ‘Don’t think about me. I’m going to be OK. You embrace this moment.’ And I did.”

Before the rose ceremony, Daisy, 25, told Kelsey that she didn’t think she was going to be picked, so Kelsey went into the final rose ceremony knowing that she was Joey’s final choice. They had an entire conversation in Kelsey’s hotel room before heading to meet Joey, 28, at the beach.

bachelors kelsey on what she and daisy talked about in car

“We were both really emotional after our conversation, so we just decided, ‘Let’s ride together there.’ And it was really special,” the New Orleans beauty added.

Joey admitted that it was an “empowering moment” to see Kelsey and Daisy put on a united front like they did. He was not aware of the ladies’ pre-rose ceremony conversation until after he proposed to Kelsey and did not fully see what happened until the episode aired on Monday, March 25.

Daisy reunited with both Joey and Kelsey during the live After the Final Rose special on finale night. They were all on good terms as they rehashed what happened during the last day of filming, which took place four months prior.

Now that fans finally know how Joey’s season ended, the tennis instructor and his fiancée can finally flaunt their relationship. On Tuesday, March 26, they went on their first public date night, which Kelsey documented on TikTok. They also revealed their plans to move to New York City together this summer and have said that they don’t plan to rush wedding planning.

“I think we both had similar timelines,” Kelsey shared. “This is such a new way to get to know each other and we still are learning so much about each other, so we just want to take it one step at a time and we don’t want any stress in that area.”