Not holding back! Peter Weber‘s mom, Barbara Weber, exclusively tells Life & Style that The Bachelor is “extremely scripted,” going so far as to suggest producers make some contestants look better than others.

“It’s not reality, OK. It’s not reality and it’s a lot of ‘do this, do that,'” she reveals. “There’s just a lot going on with the show.” Additionally, she claimed that contestant Madison Prewett was portrayed in a completely different way on the series than in real life. “They gave her the best edit — no, not the best, the very, very best edit that anybody can get, they gave it to her,” she says.

Barbara recalled the fantasy suites episode and said Madison refused to cooperate. “When I asked her questions … you know people jumped to conclusions and what [not], but they did not see because they did not show any of that,” she divulges. “They did not show anything of what really happened, of the questions that I asked her. They didn’t. They didn’t show any of that! They did that episode just to make her look the best that she could, but nothing that I asked.”

Bachelor Peter Webers Parents Barbara and Pete Sr

The mom of two has been pretty vocal about how her feelings toward the 23-year-old. When Peter, 28, confided in his mom, she was quick to express her dislike and told him, “She’s not there for you.” Peter and Madison had a pretty roller-coaster type of relationship on The Bachelor, which seems to play a part in why Barbara hasn’t been supportive of their reunion. In the season finale, Madison ended things with him, which led the pilot to propose to the only remaining contestant, Hannah Ann Sluss. Eventually, after Chris Harrison intervened and informed Madison that Peter was single again, she decided to go after him, which led them to reunite and end up back together.

According to Barbara, she isn’t the only relative who disapproves of Madison. “How can I put it? It’s not that we, the family … everyone thinks it’s just me, it’s just Barbara, but it wasn’t just me. It’s the whole family,” she explains. “And it’s not that we did not like Madison. My answer to that is I don’t know Madison. I don’t know her well enough to form an opinion on such. However, was I disappointed [with] no apology? Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely.”

Hopefully, everything gets sorted out between them.

Reporting by Diana Cooper