We’re pretty sure Becca Kufrin can do no wrong. Watching her brutal breakup with Arie Luyendyk Jr. moved Bachelor fans past tears… and into action. Support poured in for the reality star (and next Bachelorette!) through supportive tweets, comments, and money. That’s right — viewers created a “fund” for her after being so affected by her treatment.

After the dramatic finale, fans used the mobile payment app, Venmo, to send Becca money to buy herself some breakup food, wine, you name it. “I’m sorry you spent five bucks on that scrapbook,” one fan wrote. Another added, “You are radiant, and you will find someone who deserves all that you are.”

becca k venmo

Except Becca did something unexpected (but not really because she’s a Queen) and decided to donate all of the money. During After the Final Rose, host Chris Harrison revealed that fans had raised $6,000, and it would be donated to Stand Up To Cancer. Amazing, right? Well, it gets better. Chris pledged that ABC would match the donations.

Another fan wrote, “Stand up to cancer & stand up to a–holes.” So, clearly, this choice is only making her even more lovable to fans. “From one Minneapolis girl to another: you handled yourself with total grace, class and poise last night and you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. You are truly too good for that tool. I’m sending you love and strength!!!” another fan wrote the star.

And when it comes to Arie, she’s only had decent things to say about him since their split. “At the end of the day, I don’t think he thought through everything of how ending things with Lauren would be, how being engaged to me would be and what breaking up with me and going back to her would be,” she told People. “I don’t think he thought it through, but I don’t think he did it maliciously to break my heart.” Bravo, Becca. Bravo.

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