After announcing she was engaged, Minnesota-born publicist Becca Kufrin opens up in an interview with Life & Style about her wild ride as the newest Bachelorette — and says it may be a long time before she sets a wedding date with the man who won her final rose.

For now, “We really have no set wedding plans or dates. We are living in the moment,” she tells Life & Style.

becca kufrin blast

“I never really put a timeline on anything,” explains Becca, 28. “But my mom and dad met later in life, they got married later in life, they had kids later in life and so I just feel whatever happens, happens.”

Though she’s gone public with her engagement, fans will have to tune in to find out exactly who she picks — and sends packing. Becca will be watching, too. “I am so excited! I feel like I’ve learned so much about myself,” she says of her Bachelorette experience. “I can’t wait to watch it all back!”

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