When she said she was ready to do the damn thing, Becca Kufrin was not playing. The new Bachelorette is ready to find love again after her embarrassing split from Arie Luyendyk Jr. and on tonight's episode of the reality dating competition, she met the families of her final four guys!

First, the brunette beauty spent time with Garrett and he proudly gave her a behind-the-scenes glimpse at his family’s agricultural business. While they were chatting, Becca and Garrett both shared their similar goals about wanting to have kids and a bright future together, but it was slightly awkward since the last girl Garrett brought home is now his ex-wife. Despite that fact, Garrett's family untimately still thinks she could be the woman to make him happy.

Jason wasn't afraid to get messy with his hometown date in Buffalo, New York! The lovebirds took part in a wing eating competition before going ice skating and sparks were flying between them. Jason is clearly head-over-heels about Becca, but Jason's dad wants him to pump the breaks incase she doesn't feel the same. In addition, his mom also wonders if Becca is ready to get engaged again so soon. However, that doesn't stop Jason from admitting his true feelings. He pours his heart out by telling Becca he's in love with her.

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Next up was Blake! The pair ventured to Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, Colorado, to take a quick stroll down memory lane and fans were absolutely elated to see them in person. However, their date took a serious turn when Blake revealed that he was involved in a school shooting there when he was a senior. After his heartbreaking reveal, his mom praises Becca since Blake appears happier than ever, but his dad is worried that their love story could end up in heartache for Blake. Nonetheless, Becca admits she has strong feelings for him.

Last but not least was Colton. The 26-year-old takes her to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado and it's incredible to watch them connect. Colton is smitten with Becca, and he lets her know that she’s the first girl he’s ever officially brought home. Tia Booth is also brought up, but it's obvious Becca believes Colton when he says things are over between them. After meeting his family, Colton makes a confession to Becca: that he’s fallen in love with her.

The decision for Becca is extremely tough, especially when she asks for her friend's opinions, including Tia's. Fans were shook when Tia admitted that she still has feelings for Colton, noting how it was hard for her to watch their relationship evolve. "When I think about Colton being at this point now, it makes me sick to my stomach," Tia said. After this bombshell, Blake ends up getting the first rose, then Jason and Garrett, meaning Colton was sent packing! Becca claims her choice had nothing to do with Tia, but fans aren't so sure!

So, who is left on The Bachelorette 2018?

There are currently three contestants still competing for Becca's final rose and they are:

Blake, 28, — Sales rep from Colorado

Garrett, 29 — Medical sales rep from Nevada

Jason, 29 – Corporate banker from New York

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