It's official. Jason Tartick was rarely seen on the first two episodes of The Bachelorette — but the banker competing for Becca Kufrin's final rose has officially become the Internet's crush. The 29-year-old stole the spotlight on the reality dating competition as he sat in the middle of male model Jordan and chicken guy David's petty fighting — and TBH, he was every girl watching the scene unfold on TV.

"I have a crush on Jason. I want someone who also thinks things are hilarious and has to cover their face with a pillow from laughing too much," one viewer tweeted before another added, "Wills and Jason are literally me when one if my siblings is getting schooled by my parents." A third chimed in, "Becca isn't the only one who has a crush on @Jason_Tartick.

Fans of the ABC show also couldn't help but point out Jason's resemblance to teenage heartthrob Joey (aka Andrew Keegan) from 10 Things I Hate About You. Seriously, it's uncanny. So what else is there to know about Jason?

According to cast bio, he is a banker "with a heart of gold" and he is known for belting out his favorite Disney songs. Host Chris Harrison also hints Becca and Jason hit it off revealing the couple has "a really, really good relationship." However, not all news online is good.

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Better late than never, Happy Mother’s Day Caluch! Darted directly home to surprise Momma Caluch! It worked 😁! @wcauditor #mothersdaysurprise

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One girl named Maria reportedly revealed that Jason ghosted her friend before appearing on the reality series. "Soo you’re going to set Becca up with Jason? He’s slime who ghosted a girl to be on the show. Definitely there for the wrong reasons," Maria claimed. "I’m venting on behalf of a friend who doesn’t want to be involved. If he finds love then she wishes him well. I’m going to quiet down. My friend doesnt want to be a part of it so I’m going to respect that."

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