King Cairo and Dream Kardashian Are Sibling Goals Blac Chyna Instagram
Courtesy of Blac Chyna/Instagram

Genius in the making! Blac Chyna and Tyga‘s son, King Cairo, is a “tech type of kid,” she exclusively tells Life & Style. “He’s into, like, the computers and coding and hacking and stuff like that. He’s so into that.”

The 7-year-old not only likes to play with technology, but he also enjoys learning about it. “He just asked me to get him a desktop so he can start figuring out like the back end of like how things work,” adds the mom of two.

Of course, Chyna, 32, supports her son’s hobby, which is why she wants him to hone his skills. “I think when things open back up, I’m going to put him in these little camps for kids that they teach them how to do YouTube and how to properly set up things,” she continues. “I feel if I started grooming him now, by the time he’s older, he’ll be a monster at it.”

Similarly, King supports his mama, too. Chyna recently released her new single, “Seen Her,” which her son and daughter, Dream Kardashian, are fans of. In fact, King thinks it’s “kind of cool” both his parents are rappers.

Meanwhile, Dream, 3, loves her mom’s music so much, she plays it on repeat. “Dream, she’s so funny,” Chyna explains. “She’s like, ‘Mommy, play your song. Play it again, play it again.’ And I’m like,’ OK.’”

While some parents may not want their kids watching them perform in risqué music videos, Chyna is fine with it. “Regardless of anything, these are my kids, you know, they’re gonna see me naked walking, whatever, I’m still mommy to them,” the brunette beauty divulges. “So if I’m in the video doing something, they’re not going to look at me any less. I mean, you know how everybody’s like, ‘Oh my God, the kids, they better not see that!’ It’s not even like that. It’s like I’m mommy and that’s all they know, you know?”

What a cool family!