People couldn’t help but swoon over Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll’s new Nashville home after the couple got their under-construction property ready five days before Thanksgiving. While some fans respectfully applauded their renovation, others got a bit creepy with their admiration. In fact, an online follower attempted to find out the couple’s address and Bunnie quickly slammed the “stalkerish” behavior.

“If I can guess the address of the new house, can we visit?” an online user wrote to the “Dumb Blonde” podcast host, 43, in a November 26 Instagram Q&A.

“Dude deleted his question but here it is so y’all kno we aren’t playing,” she wrote, adding, “No, that’s hella fkn weird & I’ve been reading your DMs & it’s borderline stalkerish. Leave me and my family the f–k alone.”

Bunnie doubled down on her statement in a separate Instagram Stories post writing, “And just so we’re clear, we have 24/7 armed security. F–k around & find out.”

On November 23, the model shared a glimpse of the beginning of her and the Grammy-nominated country star’s new abode. “Just a sneak peak, so much more house & more to do. Will do full tour later,” Bunnie captioned her Instagram and TikTok video at the time.

The “before” part of the mini house tour showcased paper-coated floors, bare walls and an unfurnished living room. Fans were blown away by the results that Bunnie, the painters and the interior designers did in less than a week.

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO’s Nashville House Tour and Home [Photos]
Bunnie XO/ Instagram

Like the cool and eclectic couple that they are, Bunnie and Jelly Roll, 38, had their walls painted Vogue Green by Sherwin Williams and added Western decor in their living room. They also added main character energy to their dining room which features dark purple and black-designed walls.

“Bunnie pulls a house together, Jelly is looking for stuffing the day before thanksgiving. The perfect pair,” a TikTok user joked in the comment section. “The emerald giving Slytherin common room and is moody as Fff! Such a vibe!!” a second person wrote.

Not to mention, Sherwin Williams gave the couple their stamp of approval in the comment section, too.

Bunnie took fans along the decorating process on TikTok and made it a point that her home won’t look like the minimalist bare-wall aesthetic that is popular amongst celebrities, like the Kardashians.

“When I insist on every wall & every ceiling being painted in the new house because I loathe a beige aesthetic,” she wrote in her video alongside friends and her stepdaughter, Bailee Ann.