If you’ve got a child who won’t stay still for a cute photo, Cardi B can totally relate. “When I see these people take perfect pics of their kids, I just be like HOW? HOW? HOW? ‘Cause mine don’t stand still,” the 27-year-old captioned two Instagram videos of her daughter, Kulture, shared on Thursday, May 21.

Considering Cardi is just as full of energy, we’re guessing Kulture gets it from her. The 22-month-old also shares Cardi’s radiant personality, and that was obvious early on. In July 2019, the “Money” singer shared an Instagram video of her mini-me moving uncontrollably in a baby bouncer.

Cardi B 73 Questions with Vogue Holding Her Daughter, Kulture

“It’s crazy how God not only gives you a kid that looks like you, but with the same energy and personality,” Cardi wrote at the time. “I saw my cousin posted this earlier and I thought it was so funny. My baby is naturally hype, slick, funny and OK yeah, [has] a little attitude too, but I’m putting that part on her dad’s part.”

She may have Cardi’s energy, but Kulture is totally dad Offset‘s mini-me. Cardi shared a photo of the two doing the same pose, and the resemblance was uncanny. “Deadass look alike here,” she captioned the Twitter pic.

Offset and Kulture
Courtesy of Cardi B/ Twitter

Cardi welcomed Kulture in July 2018 with her off-and-on boyfriend, 28. Since then, the musician has spoken candidly about her baby girl. During an interview with Vogue in November 2019, the Bronx native revealed her hopes for Kulture’s future. “I wish for her to be a successful businesswoman,” Cardi said, adding Kulture will be “independent” and “confident.”

Cardi also divulged what she’s learned about motherhood so far. “The biggest lesson is that you’re never ready on time … things don’t go as you plan, never,” she told the outlet. Additionally, she shared some words of wisdom for her daughter when she’s older. “Don’t listen to what people say and to dream big and follow it,” Cardi said.

What a great mama!