Mommy’s girl! Cardi B “can’t help spoiling” her daughter, Kulture, with the best clothes and jewelry, a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “Kulture’s closet is full of designer clothes – Gucci, Versace and even baby Louboutins!” says the insider. “Her fashion, accessory and jewelry collection is worth at least $500,000. Most little girls have jewelry boxes for their toy rings and bracelets, but Kulture’s contains real diamonds!”

In addition to having an amazing wardrobe, the Bronx native, 27, also ensures her 22-month-old has her fair share of fun. “She spends a fortune shopping online for new toys, and when they arrive, she and Kulture will play with the new purchases for hours,” adds the insider. “Cardi B wants Kulture to have the childhood she never had.”

Cardi B's Daughter Kulture Cutest Moments
Courtesy of Cardi B/Instagram

Cardi still dresses Kulture in cute outfits despite staying mostly at home. However, the former reality star revealed it’s nearly impossible to get a “perfect” photo of Kulture because she won’t “stand still.”

Since the coronavirus pandemic began in March, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper has been sharing how she’s keeping herself entertained. That same month, she shared a video of herself running into a tall stack of Jenga blocks, proving how creative she can get. Though, she’s managed to stay busy, it’s been a challenge.

“Before lockdown, Cardi B was constantly on the go, so she’s struggling to adjust to self-isolating,” reveals the source. Luckily, having Kulture around makes it all worthwhile. “But she’s trying to remain positive, and the silver lining is that she gets to spend more quality time with Kulture,” divulges the insider.

Despite making the best of quarantine, Cardi has had to adjust to doing things herself in the beauty department. “Cardi B is all about her appearance and hates that she can’t get her hair and nails done by professionals right now,” the source continues. “She bought an at-home manicure kit, and does her acrylic nails herself, which keeps her busy, but they keep falling off. At least she’s trying!”

You go, girl!