Cringe alert! The Bachelor villain we all love to hate, Chad Johnson, had a lot to say during a recent interview on the Domenick Nati Show. Specifically, he had some ~opinions~ about the current relationship status (or lack thereof) between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth. “I’m not surprised,” Chad admitted, “I had heard some stuff.” It’s unclear how well Chad, Kaitlyn, and Shawn all know each other, but he had some steaming hot tea to spill.

Chad claimed he had heard Shawn was “100% whipped by [Kaitlyn],” and at a Canadian club appearance he followed her around “like a puppy dog.” Ouch! Strong words from someone who was left in the woods by JoJo Fletcher.

Chad got a reputation for wanting to be the alpha contestant on The Bachelorette, and he still carries that vibe. “Kaitlyn seems like she needs more of that type of guy to be in control,” he added.

Adam Taylor/ABC via Getty Images

There is a silver lining for Kaitlyn, though, Chad would totally date her. “Out of all people in Bachelor Nation, she is the one that I would date because she does seem super real.” Kaitlyn, you must feel so honored. “Love her or hate her, she is who she is. That’s what I love about her.” He’s not wrong there. Kaitlyn is one of the most down-to-earth people in the entire Bachelor franchise.

Chad couldn’t help but point out how different Kaitlyn and Shawn seem in many ways, including their social media presence. He noted how “real” Kaitlyn is with her followers, and how she posts emotional things, drinking, and other stuff “she probably shouldn’t.” However, Shawn’s polished persona is “typical Bachelor Nation fake stuff.”

Todd Wawrychuck/ABC via Getty Images

As far as the actual possibility of Kaitlyn and Chad crossing romantic paths, it’s probably very slim. Chad says he is currently dating someone but is not ready to divulge details about it yet. Sigh, better luck next time Kaitlyn.

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