Despite finding herself in a love triangle on The Bachelor Winter Games almost immediately upon arrival, Clare Crawley had fans buzzing for something other than her blossoming romances. The Bachelor alum’s appearance has viewers convinced she has had some plastic surgery since she last appeared on the reality dating franchise in 2014.

“I always liked Clare. But something is strange with her face tonight. Like maybe Botox or something,” one viewer tweeted before another asked, “What’s up with all the plastic surgery Clare has had?!” So has Clare gone under the knife?

clare crawley getty

According to plastic surgery expert Dr. Tal Roudner, who has never treated Clare, it appears the 36-year-old has only undergone minor cosmetic upkeep in the last four years. “Clare doesn’t seem to have gotten too much work done, however, it appears she’s had Botox on her forehead lines because of the shape of her brows and also frown lines,” he told Life & Style exclusively. “There’s a possibility that she’s had minor fillers in her upper cheeks, jawline, and chin since her overall appearance is warmer and softer now than it was in 2014. She’s getting better with age!”

Botox and fillers aside, we also think Clare looks great — and we’re not the only ones. Canadian cutie Benoit Beauséjour-Savard quickly fell for the California native on Winter Games and it wasn’t long before model Christian Rauch, who is basically a German Juan Pablo, confessed to having a crush on Clare too.

“Being in a love triangle was something that I thought would never happen on any of the shows, so it was definitely something new for me, and I didn’t expect really any guy to be interested in me,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I felt like I was going to be the old lady in the group… It was a pleasant surprise… I’m a very private person, so I think in the public eye, it appears I’ve just been doing no dating [these last few years off-camera], but as a matter of fact, I’ve had some pretty serious relationships… but I’m not one to settle.” If you can’t wait to see who Clare ends up with, we have your Winter Games spoilers right here! Also, be sure to follow our Bachelor Facebook group for the latest news and updates.