On the mend! Bachelorette alum Clare Crawley revealed she is feeling “amazing” following her breast implant removal surgery, which came four weeks after she opened up to fans about a mysterious illness she had developed due to the implants.

“Surgery is officially done [and] I am on the road to healing,” the 40-year-old gushed in an Instagram post featuring a photo of herself in a hospital gown holding a bouquet of flowers on Saturday, July 31. “I am so thankful first and foremost to @davidrankinmd and @dee.hicks_explant_liaison for making me so incredibly comfortable throughout this whole process! It wasn’t an easy decision, but they truly are the most compassionate team who truly want to help women like me heal from BII (Breast Implant Illness).”

Clare Crawley/Instagram

The Sacramento native, who was the leading lady on season 16 of The Bachelorette, also noted that she has had an incredible support system while figuring out the best course of action for her ailments. “On top of that, having the overwhelming support and love from family and friends has just meant the world to me. Having you all give me a boost when my brain has slipped into moments of doubt, truly lifted me up. And so I will continue to pass it on to anyone else who needs to hear this,” Clare concluded. “Our body shape does not define us or make us any less lovable or worthy. We are perfectly made just the way we are!”

The night prior, she shared a few updates via her Instagram Stories. “I did it, you guys!! One foot in front of the other. Trusting my gut. And scared to death. I did it,” Clare gushed in one post, while noting in another, “I want to cry [about] how amazing I feel. … This has been life-changing.”

The reality star, who got engaged to contestant Dale Moss early on in her season, first opened up on July 3 about an unknown illness she was experiencing. Clare noted in a 7-minute Instagram video that she had been dealing with hives all over her body and that allergy medication prescribed by her doctor did not help.

Her doctor then encouraged her to get a mammogram. While at a chiropractic appointment, the Bachelor Nation star underwent an X-ray — which led her directly to the source of the issue: a “huge pocket of fluid” behind one of her breast implants.

“My body is fighting them, and recognizes them as something foreign in my body,” the hair stylist explained in the footage. “It’s scary going through something health-wise that you don’t have answers to.”