Just like any other regular family, Danielle and Kevin Jonas have traditions they stick to during the holidays. The married couple, who share two children — Alena and Valentina — are all about uniting both of their families during Thanksgiving.

“We’re a big [family],” she exclusively told Life & Style while promoting her eponymous jewelry brand Danielle Jonas. “Well, for Thanksgiving, we’re having both families at our house. Then for Christmas, we do Christmas cookies every year. I don’t know — we decorate each other’s houses. Like I’ll go to my mom’s and fix her tree, and then I’ll go to my sister’s and fix her tree. And then I’ll do mine. Yeah, so we kind of do a lot together.” How sweet!

Kevin and Danielle Jonas With Their Two Daughters
Courtesy of Danielle Jonas/Instagram

As you can see, despite being famous, Dani and Kevin indulge in pretty normal stuff. In September, the parents of two gave fans a glimpse of their oldest daughter’s first day of school. It was the 5-year-old’s first day of school ~ever,~ which made this extremely hard for Danielle and Kevin to accept.

“First day of kindergarten was a success!” Dani captioned an Instagram post of her little one proudly holding a sign, which read “Alena begins Kindergarten 2019.” She continued in her post, “I didn’t cry because I cried the night before, and today, I was just in shock LOL. But she was amazing, brave, and so friendly. I am so proud of her — I thought of everything from her coming home from the hospital to today, and I can’t believe it’s here! She’s in school, I have a kindergartener. My mind is blown! #ineedtohaveanotherbaby.”

Kevin also took to IG to share a few heartwarming words about his daughter’s major milestone, admitting that he’s “not prepared for this!” Hey, we get it.

When the brunette beauty and the musician aren’t spending time with their kids, they’re focused on their careers. Kevin has had a busy year since the Jonas Brothers spontaneously reunited in February 2019. Meanwhile, Dani has been focused on her own business. What a hardworking pair — we stan!

With reporting by Diana Cooper.