Some of Kelly Clarkson‘s fans were fuming after she admitted to taking a weight loss drug that resulted in her slimmed down figure after initially chalking it up to a healthy diet and “walking.”

Kelly, 42, made the admission while talking to guest Whoopi Goldberg during the Monday, May 13, episode of her daytime talk show. “My doctor chased me for, like, two years and I was like, ‘No, I’m afraid of it. I already have thyroid problems.’ I was afraid,” she revealed. “Everyone thinks it’s Ozempic. It’s not. It’s something else. But it’s something that aids in breaking down the sugar. Obviously, my body doesn’t do it right.”

Fans took to X to call out Kelly, with several saying they suspected she had medical help with her weight loss all along.

“We knew you were taking the drug. You should’ve just been honest in the 1st place. Imagine how we feel about all you rich privileged movie & music stars that already have much more than the rest of us buying up the RX so we can’t get it so you look good but we cant,” one person seethed.

Fans Slam Kelly Clarkson After Weight Loss Drug Admission

“If you needed to hear it from her first to know, you’re a dope. Months after the weight loss is noticeable. Exercise and diet my ass. These celebrities lie, making regular people feel bad about themselves,” another wrote.

“I love Kelly Clarkson, but we all knew it was medication, no one can lose that amount of weight on walking + gummies yet by sticking to the story, many women believed they too could emulate the results with zero chance of success. Just tell the truth. So disappointed in her,” one let-down fan posted.

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An X user was upset about Kelly’s initial claims at how she lost weight, posting, “I’m not mad that Kelly Clarkson lost weight. Not mad that she took a weight loss drug. I’m mad that she made other women feel inadequate and like failures when ‘walking more and eating meat’ didn’t work for them.”

“Thinking about when I said Kelly Clarkson was taking some kind of semaglutide – not shaming her, just pointing it out – and her stans insisted it was from just working out and eating well. They took offense and there’s nothing to be ashamed about,” a fan wrote, adding, “I appreciate Kelly is honest!”

However, some people understood why the “Stronger” singer didn’t come forward about using a weight loss drug.

“Ozempic backlash to female celebs has been vitriolic so I get why Kelly Clarkson wasn’t quick to admit it. I’ve recently lost 50+ w/o drugs but have no problem with the shots. Happy for you! You look fabulous!!” one person said of Kelly.

The Grammy winner previously opened up about how she shed such a noticeable amount of weight throughout 2023, crediting her show’s move to New York City with walking more and eating a high-protein diet.

“I eat a healthy mix. I dropped weight because I’ve been listening to my doctor — a couple years I didn’t. And 90 percent of the time I’m really good at it because a protein diet is good for me anyway. I’m a Texas girl, so I like meat — sorry, vegetarians in the world!” she told People in November 2023.

The Emmy winner also credited her daytime talk show’s move from Los Angeles to New York City for season 5 for aiding in her weight loss. “Walking in the city is quite the workout,” Kelly said about burning calories. Other health changes she said she made included getting “really into infrared saunas,” while trying out a cold plunge.