Oh, my gawd! Maggie Wheeler, known for portraying the iconic role of Janice on Friends, says “everyone” on set had a crush on Jennifer Aniston during the show’s 10-year run. 

“We were all in love with Jennifer Aniston,” the Ellen alum, 61, exclusively tells Life & Style while promoting International Delight’s new Limited-Edition Friends coffee creamer. “I mean, she’s incredible, right? She’s incredible. Everybody loved her.” 

The singer wasn’t joking about everyone crushing on the Morning Show actress, as costars David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry also admitted to having a thing for Jen at one point or another.

Maggie Wheeler International Delights
Deitch Pham / International Delight

Maggie went on to say that the on-set “culture” of the beloved long-running sitcom “was so unique and so exciting,” noting that “it was just an amazing collaboration across the board.”

She continues, “[There was] a lot of love and a lot of care, a lot of support for each other. You know, I’ve been on all kinds of sets and sometimes people are friendly when the cameras are rolling and then they’re behind locked doors for the rest of the time. But no, this set was so full of love and camaraderie, and it was just extraordinary.”

Not only did Maggie gush about Jen, 53, but she also praised onscreen love interest Matthew, calling him “the funniest of all.” 

While reflecting on the “fond memories” they have working together, Maggie recalled the last time she and the five-time Emmy Award nominee, 53,  got together. “I saw him at the reunion and that was just an amazing moment,” she tells Life & Style, referring to the Friends special that aired on HBO in May 2021. “We were so happy to see each other, and it was just a beautiful, beautiful moment to see each other and hug each other and reunite.”

The Waking Dreams actress – who revealed to Life & Style that she is planning on releasing a children’s book in 2023 – also opened up about how “proud” she is of the Fools Rush In actor for penning his “heart-wrenching” October 2022 memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Terrible Big Thing, in which he talks about all things Friends, his career, personal life and struggles with addiction. 

“He’s incredibly brave, and he’s been through so much,” says Maggie. “I’m very, very proud of him and how much effort he’s put into staying alive and being here. And now, you know, the courage it’s taken to write this book, put it out into the world and help all the people who’ve been through similar circumstances, who really need someone to hang their hopes on, and know that they can make it through.”

International Delight’s FRIENDS Manhattan Hazelnut Mocha coffee creamer – which is also available in a sugar-free variety – is in stores for a limited time only.