Hey, Upper East Siders, Life & Style here! And boy, do we’ve have some serious dirt for you. Ever wonder what happened to mini-Blair and mini-Serena — the tiny actresses who practically grew up on the set of Gossip Girl? Word on the street is their careers majorly stalled after The CW teen drama ended back in 2012. Question is, did the pair actually fall victim to the spoils of childhood stardom or did they rise from the primetime TV ashes?

Beginning with mini-Queen B, Ellie Pettit first appeared as a Blair Waldorf look-alike in the 2008 episode “The Dark Knight.” Complete with a headband, pastel cardigan, and string of pearls — she was everything GG fans could have wanted in a Waldorf protégé. Ellie went on to appear in a total of six Gossip Girl episodes, including the series finale, “New York, I Love you XOXO.” See her first episode to last episode transformation below.

mini-blair waldorf gossip girl

After Gossip Girl, the now-23-year-old went on to snag a few small roles on television, including the CBS crime drama, “Blue Bloods.” That said, with seemingly no social media presence, Ellie went off the radar around 2016. Though, her mom, Mindy Petitt, tweeted in September 2017 that she missed Gossip Girl. Sigh, us too, M, us too.

For every Blair Waldorf in the world, there’s a Serena van der Woodsen ready to steal her spotlight — and the mini-versions were no exception. With effortless blonde waves, lashes for days, and a fashion sense that would make the Olsen Twins blush, Michaela Annette pulled off playing mini-SVW from 2008-2012. She too made her first and final appearance in “The Dark Knight” and “New York, I Love You XOXO,” respectively. See her first episode to last episode transformation below.

mini-serena van der woodsen gossip girl 3

Michaela’s acting career has been stagnant since 2015. However, the now 22-year-old actress did a considerable amount of TV work prior to landing GG, including two episodes of Law and Order: SVU and an extra role on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, Michaela is also MIA on social media.

Perhaps it’s for the best, why ruin the image of these perfect mini-Park Avenue princesses? Dealing with Jenny Humphrey‘s raccoon eyeliner, angsty phase was traumatic enough.