Things sure have changed! Hannah Brown admitted she used to think she would “for sure” be “married” by age 25 in a new Instagram Live, but now she realizes she’s so far from “ready” to start a family after hitting the milestone — especially since she’s officially single at the moment!

“[I’d be] possibly thinking about kids, like trying to get pregnant right now, probably,” the former Bachelorette star revealed on April 14. “Which like, a lot of my friends have babies and they are the best moms, but I couldn’t imagine. I’m not ready for that just yet. I mean, I could be. If something happened, absolutely, I could be. But I’m still trying to figure out my life and how it’s changed.” That’s when she answered the question once and for all about her current relationship status: “And also, you have to have a significant other for that, and I don’t.”

Hannah’s latest statement put the final nail in the coffin for fans who have been shipping her with former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron. Despite spending time in Florida to support her ex through the death of his mom and then going back for a few weeks to quarantine in Jupiter with Tyler and his pals, they both insist there’s no more to their current relationship than friendship. “The tea is we are friends. She’s a good friend,” the 27-year-old hunk previously insisted on April 3 in a Zoom chat with fans.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron Laugh on a Date During the Bachelorette
ABC/Mark Bourdillon

Before either half of the rumored romance spoke out about where their relationship stood, Hannah’s dad, Robert Brown, told Life & Style exclusively that they were strictly platonic. “I don’t know if I’d officially say they were back together … They’re just like two kids,” he told us on March 18. “That’s all it is to it. Nothing more, nothing less. People want to read into whatever they want to read into, and we can’t stop that. But the reality is, they’re friends.”

After a few weeks, Hannah left the Quarantine Crew house to return to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to ride out the coronavirus pandemic with her family, but she’s obviously still close with Tyler and his friends, often commenting on their posts. Even if they’re just pals, we can’t wait to see how their relationship evolves.