Taylor Swift is the queen of dropping Easter egg clues to her fans when it comes to her music and the latest comes in the form of the handwriting for a bonus song off the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) release dropping on October 27. Fans speculate the song — which might be titled “What If” — involves ex-boyfriend Harry Styles for a very specific reason.

Is Harry Styles on Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Bonus Song?

Questions began circulating on social media after Taylor shared an Instagram Story on October 25 which featured what are possibly the titles of four bonus songs from the vault that will be appearing on the new version of 1989. They were each written in different styles of handwriting and the words “What if” seemed to be nearly identical to Harry’s penmanship. It was in a printed form that he prefers with the letters slightly separated.

Courtesy of Taylor Swift/Instagram

The songs, “Aquamarine” and “All I Need Is You” were both written in cursive, while the other title, “Moonlight Swimming Pool,” was in print but in a style that does not resemble Harry’s handwriting.

It’s unclear if Taylor and Harry ever collaborated on a song at the time, as he was still a member of One Direction when 1989 was released in 2014 and had yet to embark on his successful solo career. It is far more likely that Taylor may have written the song about her ill-fated romance with Harry and imagined “what if” things would have worked out. The pair dated in the fall of 2012 before splitting in January 2013.

What Songs Has Taylor Swift Written About Harry Styles?

Several tunes on 1989 seemed to be written about Harry or at least inspired by their relationship. “Out of the Woods” had several lyrics which pointed to their romance, including, “Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/ Twenty stitches in a hospital room,” which fans believe was a reference to a snowmobiling trip the pair took in Utah.

The lyric “Your necklace hanging round my neck/ The night we couldn’t quite forget/ When we decided/ To move the furniture so we could dance/ Two paper airplanes flying, flying,” is believed to be about the matching paper plane necklaces the duo wore while dating.

Several lyrics on “Style” also seemed to be pointed towards Harry, including, “You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye,” and “You got that long hair, slicked back, white T-shirt.” Taylor discussed the meaning behind the song during a Big Machine Radio release special, saying, “There are certain people that float in and out of your life, sort of, like a trend that keeps coming back in style and never fully fades away.”

Did Taylor Swift Rekindle Her Romance With Harry Styles?

Taylor appeared wildly supportive of her ex when he won the Best Pop Vocal Album award at the 2023 Grammys in February, standing up and cheering him on. An insider told Life & Style in July that the two were “talking” again, and that the two “actually became friends” after their romance.

However, in the case of reuniting with Harry, it wasn’t meant to be as future boyfriend Travis Kelce attended Taylor’s Eras tour stop in Kansas City later that month and revealed publicly that he tried and failed to pass along his phone number to the pop superstar in the form of a friendship bracelet. The NFL star later ended up connecting with Taylor a few months later and the two have since embarked on one of the hottest new romances of 2023.