Clearing her name! Former Bachelor in Paradise star Jenna Cooper spoke out about the fake cheating texts that leaked after she got engaged to Jordan Kimball during season 5 in 2018. The reality pair split shortly after, but Jenna wanted to “clear [her] name” for good during an appearance on Reality Steve’s podcast on April 16. Ultimately, the North Carolina resident — who is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Karl — doesn’t know who was behind the fake texts, but Reality Steve noted that he thinks it was some “sick people” who “had it out for [Jordan and Jenna] as a couple.” Ultimately, Steve — who was first to report on rumors that Jenna cheated on Jordan — issued the reality star a formal apology. 

After weeks of looking at the evidence, the two agreed they believed it was “a big set up.” “I’m confused about the actual texts and how those were made, but my first thought doesn’t go to, ‘Oh Jordan did it,’” Jenna, 30, explained when asked about the male model’s possible involvement. “My only issue with him was him throwing me under the bus and saying a couple of things that weren’t true that made me sound really bad and not being on my side.” The starlet claimed that bits and pieces of the fake texts looked like parts of messages she had sent to her ex, 28, at the time. At this point, she and Reality Steve are convinced “multiple people” were involved in the scandal. 

Bachelor in Paradise Aftershow Jordan Kimball Wears Red Suit and Sits By Jenna Cooper in Silver Dress Talking With Chris Harrison
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“I want to move on. I want to just be done with it. Maybe I’ll never know,” the blonde beauty added. Jenna went on to write a lengthy message on Instagram about the situation.

“This has been a long time coming,” she began. “For anyone who doesn’t recognize this dress, this day, this devastation … September 11th 2018 was supposed to be the day where I happily announced my engagement during the Bachelor in Paradise finale show. Instead, I was very publicly accused of cheating with a ‘sugar daddy.’ Three poorly crafted fake text screenshots were posted all over online, and my fiancé went on an interview rampage claiming it was all true and dumped me on Instagram.”

 “I denied it from the very beginning, but no one would listen. And, I didn’t have much support from people that I thought I could trust,” she divulged. “I was extremely sad and confused why anyone would want to make this up about me and wondering what I ever did to deserve the bullying and threats I received.”

Bachelor in Paradise Rose Ceremony Jenna Cooper Gives Jordan Kimball a Rose
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The former Bachelor contestant from Arie Luyendyk Jr.s season claimed that ABC told her to “stay quiet” because she was still under contract. She claimed that she “later came to them with the proof” from her attorneys that the texts were fake, but the network “wouldn’t help stop the attacks and lies.” Jenna admitted she was “glad” to finally sit down with Reality Steve and hash out what *really* happened two years ago. “I did this for all of you who have supported me,” she concluded her lengthy post. “So happy to clear my name and move on from all of this!”

Some of Jenna’s Bachelor Nation pals rallied to support her. “LOL, f—k Jordan. I’m so sorry all this happened to you, I’m so glad it’s all FINALLY over!” Bachelor contestant Caroline Lunny wrote. “That was all a nightmare. I remember seeing you after and I could feel how much it had affected you. You are beaming now and it makes me so happy to see. Love you girl!” season 22’s Maquel Cooper gushed. 

Jordan spoke out about Jenna’s interview in a statement to Life & Style. Everyone wants the public apology from me, right? Well my character was attacked as I tried to help, and the person I tried to help said I did it,” he said. “However, we since have both become happier, and I wish us all the best.”

For more on Jenna’s side of the story, check out Reality Steve’s podcast!