Sorry, not sorry. Bachelor in Paradise alum Jordan Kimball shared his side of the story after ex-fiancé Jenna Cooper opened up about the cheating scandal that ended their engagement in an interview with Reality Steve on April 16. The male model admitted to Life & Style that “every step” of his split from Jenna was “very unfortunate.”

However, Jordan, 28, noted there was distrust on both sides. “Everyone wants the public apology from me, right? Well, my character was attacked as I tried to help, and the person I tried to help said I did it,” he said. “However, we since have both become happier, and I wish us all the best.”

Bachelor in Paradise Rose Ceremony Jenna Cooper Gives Jordan Kimball a Rose
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Shortly after the Paradise couple got engaged on season 5, text messages allegedly from Jenna’s phone leaked and suggested that she was cheating on Jordan and using him for fame. Jenna, 30, and Reality Steve alleged that “multiple people” were behind the fake leaked texts. The podcast host hypothesized that it may have been someone who “had it out” for the reality stars “as a couple.”

Bachelor in Paradise Aftershow Jordan Kimball Wears Red Suit and Sits By Jenna Cooper in Silver Dress Talking With Chris Harrison
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The blonde beauty was sure to note that she doesn’t necessarily point the finger at her ex. “It’s a big set up. I’m confused about the actual texts and how those were made, but I think that my first thought doesn’t go to, ‘Oh Jordan did it,’” she said, adding that she only asked him about it since bits and pieces of the texts seemed very similar to their past conversations. “My only issue with him was him throwing me under the bus and saying a couple of things that weren’t true that made me sound really bad and not being on my side.” 

It seems her opinion on that may have changed since 2018 when her lawyers allegedly accused him of faking the texts.

Jordan shared screenshots of an email allegedly from his ex’s lawyers in October 2018. “We have not heard from you likely because you know what we know (ie; that you created the fabricated texts posted by [Reality Steve blogger] Stephen Carbone). You are clearly avoiding the situation because you know the truth already,” the message said.

Jordan also came under fire in another public statement from Jenna’s lawyers around the same time. “After the cameras stopped rolling, Jordan’s demeanor toward Jenna changed dramatically,” the star’s rep told Life & Style. “He let it be known there was only room for one celebrity in the relationship, he was more successful and famous than her, she would never make as much money as him or amount to anything in life. She was belittled and made to feel insignificant and worthless.”

Bachelor in paradise Star Jenna Cooper Wears Silver Sparkly Dress and Red Lipstick Smiling With Ex Fiance Jordan Kimball in Red Blazer
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Jenna also wrote a lengthy message on Instagram about the ordeal on April 16. “I denied it from the very beginning, but no one would listen. And, I didn’t have much support from people that I thought I could trust,” she divulged. “I was extremely sad and confused why anyone would want to make this up about me and wondering what I ever did to deserve the bullying and threats I received.”

These days, Jenna is expecting her first child with boyfriend Karl. Jordan is happily dating his new girlfriend, Christina Creedon. The reality stud teased exclusively to Life & Style that he is “looking forward to what’s ahead” for the couple. “I really do think that she’s the one … Don’t be surprised at all if there is a big question to ask before summer, you know. Just don’t be surprised!” he dished in February 2020.

It looks like both exes are ready to move on.