Just because Jersey Shore Family Vacation wrapped up it’s first season doesn’t mean we’re ready to go back home just yet. In fact, now that summer’s in full force, the time is right to make your garden variety barbecue into a Jersey Shore themed party. And yeah, that seems like a reckless opportunity to start a drinking game and spiral out of control, Snooki-style. Not so fast, though — before you start raging, we gotta figure out what’s on the menu.

And even before Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino started doubling (OK, tripling) down on meals, food has always played an important role in the JS canon. Sunday Dinners have been an institution since the olden days when Sammi Sweetheart was serving globs of spaghetti to toxic boyfriend Ronnie Magro. It was a simpler time, which is…horrifying to say out loud. The point is, a Jersey Shore-themed shindig is nothing without a delicious spread of meats, cheeses, pasta and pickles, sandwiched between Ron Ron Juice and funfetti cake.

And no shade, but it’s probably best to leave the meatballs at home for this one.

deena and snooki

Now if you’re culinarily-challenged, you may have no idea where to start. Lucky for everyone (but especially Mike), Vinny Guadagnino‘s mom Paola crashed the Miami house in Jersey Shore Family Vacation to show us all how it’s all done. And OK, we’re probably not all able to pack some charcuterie from Staten Island and fly it back home. But if you’re interested in having a booze-soaked barbeque that’s jam-packed with delicious Italian food, here’s a rundown of a Situation-approved menu.

And yeah, we’ll forgive you if you can’t call up Vinny’s Mom and have to use Alfredo sauce from the jar.

jersey shore themed party food