The tea has NEVER been this hot! Jordan Kimball took his breakup feud with Jenna Cooper to the next level on Oct. 5 when he took to Instagram to share a confidential email he claims that he recieved from Jenna’s lawyer… that blatantly accuses him of being the person who faked Jenna’s texts and starting rumors that she cheated on him!

The Bachelor in Paradise alumni didn’t even share a caption, just screenshots of the alleged emails in a slideshow. “Mr Kimball, as you know I represent Jenna Cooper in the ongoing investigation of the fabricated texts posted by Reality Steve.” Lawyer Justin R. Apple allegedly went on to explain that he had reached out to Jordan multiple times and has not heard back. “We have not heard from you, likely because you know what we know (ie: that you created the fabricated texts posted by Stephen Carbone.)” WHAT.

“You are clearly avoiding the situation because you know the truth already,” the supposed letter continued. Interestingly, he gives Jordan an ultimatum: do what we say, or we’ll tell everyone you made the texts. They gave him until noon Oct. 6 to tell the world that he now believes Jenna didn’t cheat.

So what if he doesn’t play ball? Mr. Apple allegedly threatens to: release Jenna and Jordan’s text history, which he believes will make Jordan look guilty because he uses some phrases included in the cheating texts, and sue Reality Steve to subpoena him (which he seems to think will prove Jordan’s guilt).

The alleged email also tells Jordan that if he speaks to Jenna or shares the email with anyone but his lawyer, the deal is off. “This is your final opportunity to release a public statement and remediate some of the harm done to Jenna. I know the truth, I am giving you an easy out.”

“I don’t really think anyone understands what I’m going through lately. Be careful with who you choose to put in your life,” Jordan said in an Instagram story two hours before releasing the emails. After he posted them, he came back to say, “I won’t be talking about this matter anymore. Thank you.”

Interestingly, just days earlier, Jenna took to Instagram to reveal that the identity of the person who shared the texts with Reality Steve was a “huge twist,” and fans immediately believed she was talking about Jordan. On the other hand, the original leaked texts also mentioned trying to make Jordan look bad, so there’s really no way to know who is telling the truth. We’ll just have to wait and see. 

We have reached out to Jenna’s lawyer for confirmation that this correspondance is real and comment, but so far have not heard back.

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