Secrets, secrets! Jordyn Woods took to her Instagram Stories to play around with a randomized Q&A filter on April 7 — and believe it or not, she wasn’t too forthcoming with an answer when the filter landed on “first kiss.”

“Just kidding,” the 22-year-old wrote over the short video clip as she kept her mouth shut, clearly declining to answer the fateful question. “I don’t really want y’all to know,” she said. LOL! Maybe history is meant to stay in the past, y’all.

That being said, the influencer told Life & Style exclusively that she did have a crush on someone in November 2019. “I’m not dating now,” Jordy revealed at the launch of her new fitness app, FrstPlace. “I have one crush. We are both so busy … no, not really, not dating!”

The following month, the fitness fanatic confirmed she would be open to dating someone in 2020. “For sure,” the brunette beauty explained to Life & Style in December 2019. “I’ve never been closed [off] to it. I just haven’t been focused on it. If something happens, I’m not closed off to it, but I’m not looking for it either.”

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It seems as though the blossoming actress isn’t shy about who she likes, since she told LS her Instagram crush “changed” just prior to the interview. “There’s always someone that I see, but nothing that I actually pursue or go for, I feel like,” she said. “There are so many people in the world — there’s always going to be someone you find attractive.”

So, what does the Los Angeles native look for in a man? Turns out, her biggest desires in a partner are similar to what a lot of women want their significant other to be like.

“A good personality, good sense of humor, someone that’s driven, someone that’s passionate about what they do and someone that strives to be the best in what they do,” she mused. “Because I’m a real hard-working person so I would like someone to have the same work ethic as me so that way they understand as well my lifestyle. And a good sense of style — style always helps! And a nice smile! Definitely a [nice] smile.”