Sister, sister! Jordyn Woods revealed she brought her younger sibling, Jodie Woods, to the set of a secret new project on Friday, October 9.

“Bring your sister to work day,” the 23-year-old gushed in a short video, in which she made a few cute faces for the camera in full glam and a nude turtleneck before panning to her younger sis, 15. Jodie was also decked out with full makeup and a cute denim top.


It’s no surprise to see the up-and-coming actress bringing her family member to set with her. Jodie accompanied Jordyn to another shoot — for her athleisure brand, SECNDNTURE — in May 2019.

The Sacrifice star never misses an opportunity to gush about her baby sister, who is eight years her junior. “It’s kind of scary to me … because she really is like myself, but just a better version because I gave her the blueprint of what not to do,” Jordyn exclusively told Life & Style in December 2019. “Now, she gets off with things that I did not when I was her age.”

The Instagram influencer tries hard to set an example for Jodie. “You know, she watches everything I do and then she does it better,” the model gushed to Life & Style. It’s almost hard to tell them apart; The twosome look so much alike, Jodie was able to unlock Jordyn’s iPhone with her own face in August 2019.

Aside from doing photo shoots, the pair “do a lot together” and spend quality time with one another often. “We love to cook together,” Jordyn explained to Life & Style last year. “I make her be my little sous chef and we’re always doing something — whether it’s watching a show or writing or whatever it is, we’re always doing something.”

Jodie is just as appreciative of her big sister. “I never knew how much we looked alike until now … nobody understands how much love I have for this girl,” the high schooler captioned a selfie of the pair in April 2019. “I look up to her in so many ways. Sisters by blood but best friends by choice. I love you, Jordy.”