The rest is still unwritten! In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, The Hills alum Justin Bobby opened up about his relationship with Audrina Patridge — and it turns out the former flames are still close today.

“We’re awesome,” Justin — who now makes music under the name BobbyrocK — explained. “We were supposed to meet and say hi after I had a show in Riverside at Lake Alice, which is a cool venue — we were supposed to chat at a place out there, but I think our times just got tangled as they kind of do.”

Since The Hills ended, Audrina married Corey Bohan and welcomed one-year-old daughter, Kirra— though she filed for divorce in September 2017. She was also granted a temporary restraining order after allegedly experiencing domestic violence. “He wasn’t listening and kept following me, cussing, yelling at me. I had Kirra in my arms, trying to leave. [Corey] locked the door and pushed me back with her in my arms,” she stated in court docs.

“I begged him to please let me go and take Kirra somewhere else, I didn’t want her around all this. I started crying and asked him please, don’t do this in front of Kirra. Let me take her to my parents,” she continued. “I am fearful of [Corey’s] temper because he cannot control his swearing and personal attacks on me, even when in the presence of our young daughter.” It was also reported that the BMX star only saw Kirra on supervised visitation days, but the two are still working on details of their divorce in court.

Considering the circumstances, fans are wondering if there’s hope for Justin and Audrina to reconnect — but don’t get your hopes up. Justin shared, “I’d hate to be the guy that comes in and I think some of that dust needs to settle. I don’t even know if they’re fully legally divorced.”

“I guess if anything were to happen now, it would be like a jumping ship thing and I’m not into that,” he continued. “I’d rather her be completely sound in those moments then maybe meet up and see how it goes, but our past is tricky. You know how some people, you meet up and have the time of your life but then you just know the next day somebody’s gotta fly out or go somewhere or do work? That’s kind of been the gist of our situation for the last decade. I don’t know if that changes, but I kind of try to see it for what it is.”

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