Kacey Musgraves Kills the Style Game in a Bright Orange Pantsuit and We’re Obsessed

Talk about a yee-haw queen with some style chops, y’all! Country starlet Kacey Musgraves was spotted leaving Bowery Hotel in NYC on February 5 in the most gorgeous orange silk pantsuit we’ve ever seen in our lives. Needless to say, we’re taking some serious inspo from this newfound fashion icon.

This definitely wouldn’t be the first time the 31-year-old has been spotted turning a ~lewk~ amongst us mere mortals. In fact, the brunette beauty is known for her daring and exciting red carpet style, like when she rocked a full-on Barbie look at the 2019 Met Gala or her puffy pink princess dream dress at the 2019 Oscars. She was even once spotted in the same sleek and sexy Chanel jumpsuit as Kylie Jenner, so you know her fashion sense is on point.

The only other thing Kacey loves more than a good ‘fit is her music — and believe it or not, her husband, Ruston Kelly, had a huge part in getting her to the successful place she’s in now. “If I wouldn’t have blocked off time to get off the road and try to create a new album and have the time to explore creatively, it makes me wonder if I would have met him. It was perfect timing,” the Texas native told Glamour in an interview back in March 2019.

She met the mysterious performer at a songwriters showcase years ago and he changed her perspective on music. “His songs made me really emotional. I thought, This guy’s really clever, whoever he is,” she explained of the meeting. After the now-couple continued communicating for a few months, she decided to have a writing session with him.

“And then it was ‘That’s all she wrote.’ Pun intended. Everything was right,” she gushed to the outlet. “I didn’t have to shift any part of my personality to make it fit together, which isn’t really something I’ve had before.”

The music that went on to make her famous was birthed out of the positive experience. “That whole time period was a big opening of heart for me. I started to see the world in a more fond, pretty light,” she revealed. “After meeting this person who really allows me to just be myself, not have to walk on eggshells for any reason, songs started pouring out.”

Scroll through the gallery to see Kacey rocking a stunning orange pantsuit in NYC.