Is there is a chance that Kaitlyn Bristowe and ex-fiancé Jason Tartick could wake up and smell the roses? The former Bachelor contestant revealed that although she and Jason broke up, there is a chance that they could reconcile down the road. 

While speaking to a videographer in a clip published by TMZ on Tuesday, August 8, Kaitlyn, 38, revealed that she is doing “OK” amid her and Jason’s breakup. 

“It’s tough times,” she admitted. “I mean, the easiest part is that we respect each other and love each other.” When asked whether she and Jason, 34, “grew out” of each other, Kaitlyn responded, “I don’t even know. … Honestly, it was both of our [decision to break up]. We keep saying, too, that the door isn’t permanently closed — that’s why there’s handles on it. We don’t know what’s going on.”

Kaitlyn then noted that they’re “coparenting” their dogs, Ramen and Pinot, and hinted that she and Jason may even been spotted in the near future “walking the dogs together on a Sunday.” 

“We’re still good,” she concluded. When asked what she is planning on doing with the engagement ring that Jason gave her, Kaitlyn responded, “We haven’t gotten that far to talk about [what she will do with the] ring. But, I mean, he gave that to me. It’s up to him.” 

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When the photographer noted that Jason doesn’t seem like “the type of guy” to ask for the ring back, Kaitlyn agreed and replied, “He’s not that type of guy. He’s a great guy. You never know.”

Kaitlyn and Jason have appeared to be on good terms following their split. Just days after the former couple announced their breakup in a joint statement on Sunday, August 6, the Bachelor Nation members discussed the aftermath on their respective podcasts. 

As he began his Monday, August 7, “Trading Secrets” podcast episode, Jason got emotional while explaining the “news that [he and Kaitlyn were] ending their engagement.” 

“I’m not going to provide news at this time given what’s happening in my life,” he explained, before adding, “It’s been a little bit of a challenge today and tonight. When I’m prepared and feel ready to talk through how these things also impact my life, what’s next for me, I will share those.”

For her part, Kaitlyn confessed to feeling anxious about her fan base’s reactions to her and Jason’s split. She pointed out during the Tuesday, August 8, episode of her “Off the Vine” podcast that one side of her feels like her fans “hate” her and that she will “lose all the support” from them. 

“I’ve gotten to this point where something like going through a breakup — it’s a loss, it’s grief … and now these people are on the other end of this phone expecting you to share it with them while you’re going through it,” the reality TV personality said. “Then they think, ‘You’re hiding something from us, why wouldn’t you be honest? I thought you were an open book, I thought you were this and just tell us already that you guys are broken up.’ And I’m holding so much responsibility because I see them as this community that I’ve built for myself.”