Kaitlyn Bristowe would rather break a sweat at the gym rather than from the rumor mill. The former Bachelor contestant shared a cryptic message seemingly hinting at the ongoing fan speculation that she and fiancé Jason Tartick split.  

“Gotta toughen up if I’m gonna fight the noise,” Kaitlyn, 38, captioned an Instagram video on Wednesday, August 2, featuring a montage of her performing various workouts. Throughout the clip, Kaitlyn showed off her weightlifting and training skills with squats, push ups and other routines. 

In response to her post, a few social media users didn’t hesitate to contribute to all that “noise” Kaitlyn mentioned by demanding that she break her silence over her relationship status with Jason, 34. 

“So address the noise,” one Instagram user wrote, adding, “Your possible breakup has been out there for over six months. Address it and we can all move on.” Another commenter chimed in by noting, “I think the noise will stop when you address the issue head on. There is noise because of the silence, [which] leads to rumors and imaginary stories.” 

A third fan, however, went so far as to challenge Kaitlyn by commenting, “Why fight the noise and leave everything up to speculation instead of just giving people an update on the things the people who care (not the haters) are caring about? Most people are just wanting to make sure you and Jason are still together.”

One day prior, Kaitlyn seemingly addressed the ongoing commentary surrounding her and Jason by sharing a cryptic message to her Instagram Stories.  

Tammie Arroyo/Shutterstock

“I cannot believe the audacity of people to expect things from me when I haven’t even been able to process things for myself,” she wrote before quickly deleting the note. “Have a f—king heart. You’re scaring me with your comments and demands. I’m almost worried about YOU.”

That day, Kaitlyn doubled down on her choice to avoid responding to the incessant online questions. In a Tuesday, August 1, Instagram post, Kaitlyn included screenshots of lyrics from her 2020 single, “If I’m Being Honest.” 

“Just ‘cause I’m an open book, don’t mean you get the whole story,” she sings in one verse. “And if I’m being honest / I’m not always tough as I seem / And I can have my moments / But words can get the best of me / And the words that I say to myself / Are the ones that hit me the hardest.”

Kaitlyn and Jason haven’t posted photos of each other to their respective social media accounts since earlier this month. Their last posts together are from the week of the 4th of July. On top of this, fans have noticed that Kaitlyn hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring in multiple recent Instagram posts. 

The Bachelor Nation couple first met in early 2019 after Jason appeared on Kaitlyn’s “Off the Vine” podcast. Shortly after that, they began dating and announced their engagement in May 2021. The following year, Kaitlyn exclusively opened up to Life & Style about their wedding and honeymoon plans. By the sound of it, it seemed like the pair were going strong as Kaitlyn noted they “really [wanted] to get married this year.” 

“We want to go to the Maldives and have a complete relaxing, like, over-the-water bungalow. One of those situations,” Kaitlyn explained in October 2022. “Then, we want to go to Italy and — he’s never been to Italy, which is my happy place. So, we wanna go to Italy and go around all the different places there and eat all the food and drink all the wine.”