On her journey alongside Zach Shallcross! Season 27 of The Bachelor has some pretty impressive contestants, including Kaitlyn “Kaity” Biggar. While her official ABC bio says she’s not “afraid of sliding into the DMs,” Kaity won’t have to worry about that during her time on the show.

“I truly hope to find love,” Kaity revealed in her official Bachelor bio. “I have so much love to give to the right man.”

Keep reading for everything to know, including her job, age and more. 

Who Is ‘The Bachelor’ Star Kaity Biggar?

The 27-year-old was originally from Kingston, Ontario, in Canada. However, she’s since relocated to Austin, Texas, for work, and is “looking for her forever Prince Charming.”

What Is ‘The Bachelor’ Star Kaity Biggar’s Job?

Kaity is super “passionate” about her career as a travel nurse, but she hasn’t let her job take over her personality. She’s “got a great sense of humor and is extremely down to earth.” Before becoming a health professional Kaity “grew up figure skating,” and “enjoys swimming.” However, her ABC bio reveals that she “hates that sharks may be swimming underneath her.”

ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Who Is ‘The Bachelor’ Star Kaity Biggar’s Family?

While there isn’t a lot known about Kaity’s family life thus far, the Texas lady is looking for “the right man” and has dreams of welcoming kids of her own. In fact, “Kaity can’t wait to start a family and said that if a man didn’t want kids, that would be a dealbreaker for her.”

Do Zach and Kaity Get Engaged on ‘The Bachelor’? 

Yes, Zach and Kaity are engaged! Bachelor Nation watched as the Anaheim native got down on one knee during the season finale, though anyone paying attention to Reality Steve and his spoilers knew what was coming. In a February 6, 2023, post via Instagram, the spoiler king revealed that Kaity and Gabi Elnicki are Zach’s final two, but the leading man ultimately proposes to Kaity. He did however note that another gossip blog has maintained that Gabi is the last woman standing – Reality Steve doesn’t buy it. 

“I’m well aware that for the last 2 months, another site has said that Gabi is the winner,” Reality Steve wrote. “All I can say is this: My sources have told me it’s Kaity. … I stand by my sources,” he concluded.

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