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All The Kardashian-Jenner Music Video Appearances: The Sexy, Scary and Downright Cringeworthy

The Kardashian-Jenner family has a slew of music artists as friends, family and significant others. One perk of having pals in the music industry is getting to make cameos in tons of different music videos. Like, more music videos than we’re willing to bet you’d guess they were in.

Sometimes these appearances were funny, like when Kendall Jenner switched bodies with Lil Dicky in his 2018 video for “Freaky Friday.” Other times, they were scary, like when Khloé Kardashian costarred in ex-boyfriend French Montana‘s horror movie-esque music video for “Don’t Panic.” Kylie made a few sexy cameos in videos with both Travis Scott and Tyga.

But the first Kar-Jenner music video may be our fave, and it was more than just a cameo. Kris Jenner released her own cover of Randy Newman’s song “I Love L.A.” called “I Love My Friends” in the ’80s, and it’s the most amazing display of camp you could possibly imagine. From fun retro scenes on a treadmill to shout-outs of her favorite places to shop, it really is something to behold.

Kris regained her music video queen throne when she took over Amy Poehler‘s “cool mom” role in Ariana Grande‘s 2018 video for her mega-hit “thank u, next,” which spoofed Mean Girls among many other iconic films. Kris was seen trying to capture footage on a camcorder during the “Jingle Bell Rock” scene. She even closes out the whole video by saying “thank you next, bitch!”

“[Kris] was definitely meant for that role,” Kim told Refinery29 in December 2018. “I was actually on FaceTime with Scooter Bruan [Grande’s manager] when they were shooting that scene. So, I was watching it in real time, and I was literally crying. I was like, crying watching her.”

Of course, we can’t discuss Kar-Jenner cameos without mentioning the hilariously cringe-worthy Kim Kardashian appearance in Fall Out Boy’s “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” in 2007. While she’s playing Pete Wentz’s love interest in the throwback vid, the highlight is really when she ends up kissing a monkey instead. Yeah, you read that right. Luckily, she’s done plenty of more sexy and serious music video cameos since, mostly in her husband Kanye West‘s videos.

Scroll through the gallery below to see the best moments of the Kar-Jenners’ music video careers!