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A Guide to the Kardashian-Jenner Family’s Zodiac Signs: See Each Member’s Astrological Details

The Kardashian-Jenners may seem alike, but their personalities separate one another from the rest! Astrology can outline a person’s natural traits, as everyone has different zodiac signs. Whether they’re a fire, water, earth or air sign, the members of this famous family exude various characteristics. 

Take Kourtney Kardashian, for example. She has made headlines for her whirlwind romance with Travis Barker in 2021. After going public with their relationship via Instagram in February, the two announced their engagement eight months later. They wed in May 2022 and never looked back! As an Aries, the Poosh founder is naturally ambitious and passionate. She tends to exhibit these traits throughout her statements and actions involving her husband, such as when she bought the Blink-182 band member his dream car

“When your girl gets you your dream car,” Travis captioned his Instagram post in November 2021, featuring the Buick Grand National from his lady. 

“You deserve the world,” Kourtney wrote in a comment, not hesitating to show her love for Travis. 

The downsides of an Aries, though, include behaving in a fiery manner. This was clear throughout the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians at times, whenever Kourtney wouldn’t hesitate to call out anyone for being “so rude.” She is, therefore, fearless when it comes to standing her ground. 

Not only that, but Kourtney seems to embrace her fiery self through her style. Since she seemingly adores the color red, the reality TV star has posted multiple pictures of herself wearing the flaming color, wearing anything from a simple red shirt or a dress. After a while, some fans speculated whether Kourtney would walk down the aisle wearing red, defying expectations and being the bold persona she is. While she opted to wear white, her short Dolce & Gabbana wedding dress was anything but traditional.

Apart from Kourtney, her sister Kim Kardashian is a Libra. This water sign usually doesn’t appreciate confrontation or messy conflicts. And while Kim shows how fearless she is, her zodiac sign indicates she likely doesn’t like confronting a problem. 

Perhaps this was clear in her reaction to ex-husband Kanye West’s public behavior throughout the course of their ongoing divorce — she remained calm, cool and collected. While he expressed his desire to reunite with Kim on several occasions, she didn’t directly comment to his actions in public. Instead, she maintained a composed and empathetic demeanor, as a Libra typically would, when she thanked her ex onstage at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards

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