Kate Beckinsale clapped back at a fan who asked which lip filler she used, and the Underworld beauty star said she was au naturale.

“What do you have injected into your lips? Juvederm or Restylane?” an Instagram user asked in the comments section on one of Kate’s photos.

Kate, 50, replied, “Just lips, dude.”

This wasn’t the first time the Serendipity actress has had to defend her looks, either. Earlier in May, Kate shared two clips of herself in a since-deleted Instagram post that were taken around 20 years apart. The Fool’s Paradise star said that she’s been “accused” of having plastic surgery several times over the years. She then addressed the rumors in length.

“I hate talking about this because I hate adding to this conversation but I’m doing it because insidious bullying of any kind over time takes a toll,” Kate explained. “Every time I post anything — and by the way, this has been the case since I was about 30 — I am accused of having had unrecognizable surgery /using Botox using fillers /being obsessed with looking younger, and it’s really such a tiresome and subtly vicious way to bully a person.”

The U.K. native continued, “It happens constantly and it’s usually women that are doing it. Obviously I have aged, everybody ages; I’m not too concerned about aging-because I found my father dead at the age of 5.”

Kate Beckinsale Responds to Fan Asking About Lip Filler
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate went on to state that she found it “deeply ironic” that she would be accused of being afraid to age when she “never thought [she’d] even see the end of [her] 20s.”

The Disappointments Room actress denied having any sort of cosmetic surgery and said, “I don’t actually do any of those things — I’ve even gone to the trouble of having a plastic surgeon categorically state that I don’t and haven’t.”

The speculation about Kate’s looks came shortly after she returned to the red carpet on May 2 for the first time since she was hospitalized in March. Kate has yet to reveal the reason behind her hospital stay to the public, but she shared several photos of herself in a hospital bed on Instagram. The posts have since been deleted.

While little is known about her health struggles, the Total Recall star shared a picture of herself wearing a shirt that read, “Tummy Trouble Survivor.” Kate said that she’d been having a “rough year” while attending the King’s Trust Gala in New York, per People. On top of her hospitalization, Kate’s cat, Clive, and her stepfather passed away.