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Born to Be a Model! Kate Moss’ Stunning Bikini and Swimsuit Pictures Over the Years

Kate Moss may be a professional model, but she also likes to hang ten and hit the beach whenever she has some time off! The London native has been spotted on a few occasions soaking up the sun in tropical places around the world. While she enjoys sporting some bikinis and swimsuits every now and then, Kate has also opened up about body image issues during the early days of her modeling career.

Aside from her former high-profile relationship with actor Johnny Depp in the late 1990s, Kate’s modeling career skyrocketed, leading her to be one of the most well-known British models. However, success can come with difficulty when living in the public eye.

In a May 2014 interview with Elle Australia, Kate revealed she was “very, very self-conscious” of her body in the 1990s.

In reference to her naturally slender body frame, the Brit noted, “I think I was just really young and thin. That’s what happens. I mean, my daughter’s tiny. I was working, and in fashion, back in the day, they didn’t feed you. The jobs I was doing, they didn’t have catering. It was chips, or whatever.”

Kate shares daughter Lila Grace Moss Hack with ex Jefferson Hack.

When it comes to maintaining her physicality, the fashion icon described her workout and skincare routine to Vogue UK in June 2020.

“I try and do a bit of yoga,” Kate told the publication at the time. “Even if I don’t have a class or a teacher that day, I try and do some every morning. I do a bit of a flow. For exercise, I have a TRX and a mat and some weights, just little ones.”

Aside from her figure, the blonde beauty also explained her daily makeup regimen.

“For every day, I’ll use a bit of concealer, some mascara and a bit of lipstick,” Kate said. “I usually use a bit of matte bronzer just to give a bit of color and lift … If I’m going out I’ll use eyeliner, usually brown, and smudge it. I normally use my fingers, but I do love brushes too. My daughter’s are all lined up perfectly. She knows more about it all than I do, really. I get more good stuff from her than she does from me.”

When she has photo shoots, Kate also mentioned that she likes it when “they transform [her]” with different makeup and fashions.

“If I’m getting my hair done, then I like it to look like me but done,” she added. “I don’t do it myself, though. I have a natural wave and I wash it every day, dry it upside down and brush it. That’s all I do … A great trick they do on photoshoots is doing these little braids underneath your hair to pull your skin up, like a little lift. It’s amazing. That’s another old Hollywood trick. I think they had to know all that stuff before there was retouching, they had to do it all by hand.”

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