Most days it’s safe to say that the average gal doesn’t have much in common with Kendall Jenner. After all, she’s devastatingly beautiful, obscenely rich, and a member of the most famous family in the world. However, after Kim Kardashian took to Instagram on Aug. 30 to share a snapshot of Kenny’s phone screen, well, it looks like she’s more ~relatable~ than we thought… especially when it comes to boy troubles. 

“I gave you a boner don’t ignore me,” the model’s background reads in the style of a text message. For starters, that’s hilarious! Kudos to whatever Tumblr-obsessed, love-sick teenager made that. Secondly, funny or not, it’s the admission, that at the very least, Kendall knows what it’s like to be ignored by a guy. 


See that, ladies? It’s not just you, it’s Kendall, too! Although, er, to be fair, the 22-year-old has most recently been romantically linked to NBA star, Ben Simmons, so she’s still technically a step above the rest of us. Even if the pair has yet to confirm they’re dating, Kendall and her pro-baller were spotted getting cozy in Mexico earlier in the month alongside Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson


Beyond her love life, Kenny has also been killin’ the modeling game (per usual) this summer. On Aug. 7, LOVE magazine unveiled a new video project with Ken where she basically just swims around Hampstead Ponds naked. TBH, it was a really pleasant distraction from all of the KarJenner drama going on at the time

Love her or hate her, you can always rely on Kendall to be the most low-key, down to earth member of the #fam. Oh, and after today, the most relatable… as far as 5′10″ world-class supermodels go, anyway. Remember this the next time you give a guy a boner and he ignores you!