Once upon a time, Kendall Jenner and her younger sister Kylie were just ordinary teenage girls, or as ordinary as you can be coming from the superstar family that is the Kardashian/Jenner bloodline. But in 2011, the girls, just 15 and 13 years old respectively, hadn’t yet become the ~celebrities~ they are today. No runways, lip kits, or rapper boyfriends were in sight just yet. And TBH, they really haven’t changed all that much in the last seven years. As it turns out, their personalities (and fun facts about themselves) are basically the exact same now as when they were teens — and we uncovered the video proof. Watch the video above to get the full blast from the past.

In the resurfaced video above from the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, Kylie and Kendall walked the red carpet together and were asked to share four fun facts about themselves. That’s when Kendall reveals she once “cut off all her eyelashes when she was younger.” Then Kylie excitedly chimes in — seriously showing a range of emotions here — rattling off how she has a huge scar on her leg, she eats two packs of pomegranates every day, and had just dyed her hair blonde and red the day before. Riveting stuff. Kendall then struggles to come up with more facts and settles with “I like my room clean.”

Kylie’s fun facts about herself have been the same for seven years.

Now while this is all fine and dandy for the girls to be sharing this about themselves, they’ve seemed to have somehow frozen their public personas in this moment. Kylie is always talking about how much she loves the scar she got as a kid. And the pomegranates. Let’s talk about how Kylie STILL is obsessed with them and yes, eats a ton every day. She’s given us plenty of footage via her Snapchat since you know Ky is all about keeping it real on her Snap — and she really does still eat them.

All the time.

“You know I love pomegranates. I eat like one of these a day, not kidding,” she [shared on Snapchat](https://www.instagram.com/p/BJtG2-eAmc6/) to her many, many followers. Plus, we’ve literally seen her sport every hair color ever at this point. Besides the way her [actual face and body looks](https://www.lifeandstylemag.com/posts/kylie-jenner-plastic-surgery-80827/photos/kylie-jenner-hips-125075), nothing else about her has changed in the slightest.

And as for Kendall? Yeah, she’s pretty much still a snoozefest, not really giving us any wild shenanigans compared to her other siblings. When it comes to her eyelash story, it’s something she even tweeted in 2011 — it’s the one “fun” thing about herself she ever really wanted us all to know.

She did share on her now-shut down app that she once plucked out all her —  wait for it — eyebrows. Not eyelashes.

“When I was younger, on a totally weird whim, I plucked out all of my eyebrows! Thankfully, they grew back, but my sisters flipped OUT. And, of course, I had to go to camp (Malibu Makos, in case you were wondering) with all the cute surfer boys. Completely. Mortifying,” she wrote. “So, yes, they grew back, but it was soooo slowly and in a kind of gross way. It felt like an eternity. Finally, when I turned 14, I went to the eyebrow aesthetician and started having them professionally done.”

Huh, so did older Kendall mix up which hairs on her face she once completely removed or has she just had terrible beauty blunders with both her eyelashes and eyebrows? She clearly didn’t do this at the same time, so she didn’t learn from the eyelash story not to touch her eyebrows either? The mystery that is Kendall continues. But the moral of the story here is the Jenner gals are still their authentic selves, all these years later.

kylie and kendall jenner

But like, not their faces though. Clearly, night and day difference here. Just when it comes to sharing fun facts.